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FFD Collector/Technician

Company: GTTSi Post Date: 1/3/2019 8:16 PM
Location: Columbia, Alabama Job Type: Contract
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Job Description

GeneraJob Function:

The Fitness for Duty Collector technician is an individual within the Fitness for Duty (FFD) organization that supports the drug and alcohol testing program, performed in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations (10 CFR 26) and FFD procedures. This position performs functions related to the drug and alcohoscreening process, including (but not limited to) collecting specimens for pre-access, random, follow-up, for-cause and post-event screens, assisting with and/or conducting random and follow-up pool notifications, and appropriately documenting related information.

This position conducts screenings such as hearing test,pulmonary function tests,lab work, EKG,etc., for mandated physical examinations (e.g.,Licensed Operators, Nuclear Security Officers, and respirator) and ensures both medical& FFD supplies are appropriately stocked and ready for use. This position also provides initial evaluation and/or treatment, as needed, for both occupational and personal injuries and illnesses and may be requested to take call for off-hours medical or FFD issues/concerns.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs collections for urine drug testing in accordance with regulations and procedures. Performs breathalyzer tests in accordance with regulations and procedures.

Reviews Chain of Custody Forms after collection to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Assists with and/or conducts random and follow-uo testina notifications and maintains notification worksheets

Ensures and documents the maintenance and calibration of FFD equipment.

Files paperwork in accordance with drug screening and procedures.

Performs screenings for physical examinations (e.g., hearing test, pulmonary function tests, lab work,EKG, etc.) Provides initial evaluation/treatment of occupational and personal injuries and illness, as needed.

Takes off-hours call, as requested by the Medical Services Supervisor

Maintains strict adherence to Medical& FFD procedures and NRC reaulations.

Maintains strict confidentiality and securitv of all medical and FFD documentation and files.

Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Medical Services Supervisor/designee or Management.

Education Requirements:

Must be an LPN, EMT or Paramedic

1 to 3 years medical / FFD or related experience

Estimated Duration of Work Assignment (should not exceed 1 year): 1 year

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