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Dry Cask Storage Engineer- 346

Company: STP Nuclear Operating Company Post Date: 3/11/2019 9:10 AM
Location: Wadsworth, Texas Job Type: Full Time
Start Date: Projected End Date:
Job Description

STP Nuclear Operating Company (STP) is one of the largest nuclear power plants nationwide, and is an industry leader in safety, reliability and efficiency, STP’s twin pressurized water reactors produce 2,700 megawatts of electricity, enough to serve more than one million homes in Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio and surrounding areas in south central Texas.  The plant is located about 90 miles southwest of Houston on a 12,200 acre site near Bay City in Matagorda County.


The DesignEngineerpositionassumesresponsibilityforthedevelopment,implementationandadministrationofassignedprojectsandprograms.Essential responsibilities for this position include providing design products insupportofStationprioritiesandoperationsandmaintenanceorganizationneeds.Thedesignproductsareessentialtodispositionofdegraded/non-conforming conditionsandtomaintainplant reliability. Engineering deliverables include products such as engineering changes, specifications, calculations anddocumentedengineeringevaluations.

This position will be the Dry Cask Storage subject matter expert. Prepares and processes changes to the 10 CFR 72.212 Report. Supports the DCS loading campaigns. Facilitates the resolution of engineering, design and other technical issues required to support DCS. Performs industry OE reviews, identify applicable DCS System design changes and deviation reports. Perform
50.59/72.48 reviews required to support DCS.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology (Required). Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil or Nuclear Engineering is preferred.

  • Master’s degree in technical discipline equivalent to 1 year of experience.

  • PhD in technical discipline equivalent to 2 years’ experience.



·        5 to 8 years engineering or maintenance or operations experience in which two years is nuclear power related (Required)



  • No certifications/license are required.

  • Texas Professional Engineering License is preferred.



  • Responsible for design, research, maintaining documentation, and process improvement.

  • Collaborate with Key Stakeholders on design projects.

  • Prepares/reviews complex safety evaluations and significant hazards review for plant issues.

  • Prepares/reviews degraded/non-conforming component dispositions. Evaluates the extent of the condition and its effect on ability to perform the required design function.

  • Prepares/reviews causal investigations to condition reports for completeness and required actions.

  • Prepares/reviews/approves engineering documentation (e.g.: calculations, specifications, analysis, drawings, evaluations, etc.).

  • Reviews and evaluates industry documentation and event reports for relevant application to the Station and identify appropriate actions to take.

  • Ensures applicable activities are maintained within allocated schedule and budget.

  • Performs duties of the Section Supervisor as delegated.

  • Prepares and delivers Management level reports on specific tasks.

  • Prepares/reviews Reportability and operability reviews of station issues are evaluated to applicable regulatory requirements

  • Perform reviews of operating experience reports and license amendment changes. As required, prepare technical reports to be submitted to EPRI, INPO, and NRC.

  • Provide engineering expertise when required to support complex plant issues or requests for assistance from other site organizations.

  • Attend and complete station, department or section required training as necessary for the position and as assigned.



  • Accept ERO position as assigned and be able to meet the time response requirements.

  • Accept outage position as assigned.

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