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Flex Marshall Req # 84729

Company: Entergy Post Date: 3/26/2019 12:50 PM
Location: Saint Francisville, Louisiana Job Type: Full Time
Start Date: 3/26/2019 Projected End Date: 4/5/2019
Job Description


Performs the function of Contract Manager for performance of FLEX equipment preventive maintenance. Maintains the FLEX Support Guidelines. Trains Operations Personnel on FLEX Support Guidelines Performance. Evaluates operational impact of plant work on FLEX strategies. Tracks FLEX equipment allowed out of service time to ensure it meets the site-specific requirements. Evaluates Plant Modifications for Impact to FLEX Strategies. Provides oversight of FLEX Equipment Preventive Maintenance Program. Monitors Industry OE regarding FLEX equipment and make needed adjustments to the FLEX program. Ensures the ERO FSGs are technically accurate. Perform the Drill and Exercise program as required by the FLEX commitments.


  • Responsible for oversight of contractors performing FLEX equipment preventive maintenance in accordance with EN-OM-126. Supports plant personnel with corrective maintenance of FLEX equipment.
  • Ensures all PM results are adequately documented and entered into the station’s work management system. Notifies Shift Manager of any unsatisfactory PM results and enters condition into the corrective action program. Demonstrate leadership and initiative concerning the scheduling and execution of FLEX PMs and corrective maintenance work orders.
  • Maintains all FLEX equipment in a state of readiness including ensuring the optimum staging of equipment in the FLEX building and storage of the desired amount of FLEX equipment fuel. Provides input to the Outage Risk Assessment Team (ORAT) on the use of FLEX equipment to reduce outage risk. Coordinates pre-staging of FLEX equipment as required to minimize shutdown risk. Responsible for advocating repair/restoration of FLEX equipment to minimize out of service time. Provides recommendations of compensatory measures as required to mitigate FLEX equipment out of service impact.
  • Interfaces with NRC representatives as requested; Engineering is the primary point of contact for the NRC. Attends and supports INPO FLEX peer reviews, site visits, and E&As; Engineering is the primary point of contact for the INPO.
  • Investigates and gathers facts associated with beyond design basis events. Ensures that identified beyond design basis occurrences are entered into the Corrective Action Program in accordance with EN-DC-221.
  • Maintains the site’s FLEX Support Guidelines (FSGs) up to date by incorporating any industry OE, training feedback, and input received during FLEX drill performances. Ensures the extent and frequency of continuing training and drills for beyond design basis response actions are determined using the Systematic Approach to Training process and includes simulator training and other training drills to develop proficiency in performing time sensitive or critical skills. Reviews FLEX training plans to ensure all information is correct and relevance. Assists Emergency Planning with the scheduling, conducting, controlling, documenting, and assessing the performance of beyond design basis external event emergency drills.


Minimum education required of the position

High School Diploma. B.S. Degree in Engineering or Sciences generally associated with nuclear power plant operations is highly desired but not required.

Minimum experience required of the position

  • 3 years of experience in nuclear power design, construction, maintenance, operations, radiation protection, P&SO, or equivalent.
  • Supervisory experience desired.

Minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required of the position

Technical understanding of nuclear generation principles and operation. Proficiency with current computer business applications. Outstanding communication, conflict management, and change management skills.

Any certificates, licenses, etc. required for the position

Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) or certification on BWR, PWR or both (desired).



As a provider of essential services, Entergy expects its employees to be available to work additional hours, to work in alternate locations, and/or to perform additional duties in connection with storms, outages, emergencies, or other situations as deemed necessary by the company. Exempt employees may not be paid overtime associated with such duties.


Please note: Authorization to work in the United States is a precondition to employment in this position.  Entergy will not sponsor candidates for work visas for this position.

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