Nuclear Industry Design Process Questionnaire.

I am currently in the 3rd year of my BEng Mechanical Engineering degree. As a requirement of my degree I am required to undertake an individual project.

I have an extremely strong interest in the nuclear industry and have decided to base my project around the nuclear industry, specifically existing nuclear plants and how new services are designed for them.

As part of the project which I have begun I have to collect data in the form of opinions of engineers whom have worked/still work on nuclear sites, this data will be used to attempt to optimise the design process currently used on nuclear sites. This data will be 100% confidential and confidentiality agreements could be signed between myself, the university and the necessary parties.

I am writing this message to enquire if you would be willing to help any further with my project, if so, I will be more than happy to provide more detail on the project, how it will be undertaken, and what the end stage of the project will be. All I require from yourself would be to complete a quick survey on the design process in the nuclear industry. If you could PM me some contact details I will forward the questionnaire onto you. I am in particular looking for engineers/designers whom have been employed on nuclear sites themselves as opposed to contractors however any help would be much appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on the phone number below or on the email address.

Yours Faithfully

Scott Telford
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