Surplus inventory no longer required at your plant


I wanted to get an understanding of what happens to the surplus parts or equipment that are no longer needed at your facilities. I represent and we are an active industrial marketplace that works with industrial sellers to list equipment in a online timed auction or fixed price listings. Typically your inventory is purchased by equipment dealers or auctioneers who then put the items on our marrketplace. What makes Aucto different is we opened up the doors for corporations to host their own liquidations of surplus inventory. With our turnkey services you are able to maximize recovery on your equipment and have full control of the process. 

Aucto has a cataloging team which can manage any project and allow us to be as hands on, or hands off as you need us to be. I would like to provide you with examples of how we can benefit your companies. Contact me if you have time to discuss

Thank you,

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