Hydro Excavation is by far the safest way to excavate


Hello my name is Ken Puhak with Ground Tech, Inc. We provide Hydro Excavation, services to the Nuclear Facilities We are located in Youngstown, Ohio with our trained personal we travel the country to perform our services. I could be of great value on some of your projects when exposing utilities  below are some examples of how Hydro Excavation is used. Please feel to contact me to discusses your project thank you and i hope to hear from you soon.
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Potholing/Daylighting - Water pressure and a powerful vacuum system are used to safely expose underground utilities. The best way to prevent damaging buried cables and pipes before digging is to pothole the utility.

Utility Pole Holes - Right-of-ways are congested with buried utilities. Our Hydro Excavators can quickly excavate pole holes and base holes.  If a buried utility is exposed during the excavation the utility isn't damaged.

Utility Locating - A safe digging procedure used when locating underground utilities. Our powerful vacuum excavators will exhume the soils surrounding the buried utility verifying location, depth and type of utility.

Hydro Excavation/Hydrovac Excavation -These services save the utility industry thousands of dollars.  The use of water pressure and a powerful vacuum to safely expose underground utilities. This method prevents damages to utilities by back hoes, trenchers and other conventional digging equipment. The uncovered utility is clearly exposed leaving no question of location and depth.

Utility Excavation - Assists utility constructors with underground projects by exposing the existing buried infrastructures prior to the beginning of major excavation. All of the existing pipes and cables are exposed by using our safe Hydro Excavation procedures.

Backfill, Backfilling, Pneumatic Backfilling - A safe, clean and time saving way to backfill utility trenches and/or excavated areas that conventional construction equipment can't access. Pneumatic Backfilling is a process of blowing any aggregate, soil or mulch through a hose system directly to the excavated area.

Trenching - A safe alternative to conventional digging methods by using Hydro Excavators to dig trenches through easements and right-of-ways without damaging existing underground utilities. We use pressurized water to loosen the soil and a powerful vacuum loads the soil and water into a large debris tank.  After safely crossing each utility in the easement or right-of-way construction crews can proceed each buried pipe and cable has been located and identified.


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    I agree. Hydro Excavation is the safest way to excavate around known utilities, pipelines, etc. I have been in the hydro excavation industry for over 20 years and it is amazing to see what these machines can do. I now own my own business training people on the hydro excavation industry and hydro excavation equipment. Visit my website at www.hydroexcavationconsulting.com!

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