ENEC Licensing Engineer

Four-year degree in Nuclear Electrical Engineering and extensive electrical engineering experience with high, medium and low voltage distribution systems for Nuclear BWR and PWR Nuclear facilities, Prepared the Nuclear Criticality Safety portions of the Nuclear Facility's upgrade Updated Safety Analysis Reports (SAR) through the SAR Upgrade Programs for these facilities. The SARs were provided to DOE to support compliance certification to the NRC. AP1000/AP1400 Construction Nuclear Systems and Plant Modifications support. Developed Operational Safety Requirements (OSRs, alternatively called Technical Safety Requirements or TSRs) relating to nuclear criticality. 
Responsible for organizing and preparing submittals to the NRC regarding a Combined Construction & Operating License (COL). Have thorough knowledge of NFPA 70, 70E and NESC codes and IEEE standards. Have extensive experience working effectively in a project team either as a team leader Project Manager or team member.

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