Nuclear new build in Asia: any new developments?

 Hi, for our upcoming Nuclear Power Asia 2010 conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are looking for experts involved in nuclear power project planning, risk mitigation strategies, technology choice considerations, infrastructure development and proven nuclear power project  practices to exchange some ideas on programme content. Suggestions welcome!


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  • Hi I have been in Nuclear Power Construction until 1986 when Chernovyl exploded.

    I have some further studies on Power Plant since then.

    We can exchange some ideas to help your forum.

    When is exactly the forum will be held?




  • In reply to H. Jin Lee:

    Hi Jin Lee, the conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur, January 26-27, 2010. Nuclear Power Asia 2010 will provide the delegates with practical guidance needed to ensure their nuclear power project planning proceeds smoothly from start to end. Our panel of international speakers, comprising of nuclear operators and regulators, will share their personal experience on risk mitigation strategies to adopt, pitfalls to avoid and the right technology choices contributing to successful nuclear build.

    Leading utility industry and regulatory experts involved in Nuclear Power Projects from the region and beyond will be present including EGAT, Thailand; Energoatom, Ukraine; GDF Suez, Belgium; Korea Hydro Nuclear Power, Korea; Korea Nuclear Fuel, Korea; Korea Power Engineering Company, Korea; National Power Corporation, the Philippines; Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Hungary; PT MedCo Power, Indonesia; Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia;Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan;UniStar Nuclear Energy, USA;Department of Energy, the Philippines;Ministry of Energy, Thailand;Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia;National Energy Council, Indonesia;International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria; International Energy Agency, France and the World Association of Nuclear Operators, Japan.


    For the knowledge sharing session we are looking for reputable consultants, law firms, financial advisors to moderate a session on one of the following topics:

    - Effective nuclear power project planning from start to end

    - Risk mitigation strategies

    - Advanced technology choices and new generation construction techniques

    - Nuclear infrastructure development

    - Feasibility studies and bid evaluation


    Suggestions on reputable companies involved in advising Asian government and/or utilities who are considering to embark on nuclear power are most welcome.

    Thank you in advance. Elly Kreijkes




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