Catawba Nuclear Station

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Wed, Oct 18 2017

    NRC Issues White Finding For Catawba NPP

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said Wednesday that it had determined that an inspection finding at Duke Energy’s Catawba nuclear power plant has low to moderate safety significance, which will place the plant under increased NRC oversight until the regulator is satisfied that the issue has been rectified.
    • Thu, May 16 2013

    Duke: Catawba Tritium Release Poses No Health Risk

    Duke Energy said tritiated water leaked from its Catawba nuclear plant on Wednesday , reporting the event to regulators but emphasizing tritium levels were within safe limits.
    • Wed, Apr 11 2012

    NRC Dings Turkey Point, Fort Calhoun and Catawba Nuclear Plants

    Tuesday brought bad news for the operators of three U.S. nuclear plants, with two facing significant regulatory violations and a third undergoing inspections following a power outage last week. Florida Power and Light faces a $140,000 fine from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission related to an issue at the Turkey Point plant that went unreported.
    • Fri, Apr 6 2012

    Catawba Nuclear Plant Briefly Loses Offsite Power Wednesday Night

    Unit 1 at the Catawba nuclear plant in South Carolina tripped Monday night after offsite power to the plant was cut. The unit shut down normally just after 8 p.m., according to an event report from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and its four diesel emergency generators provided electricity until offsite AC power was restored at 1:35 a.m.
    • Thu, Aug 5 2010

    TVA Hears Safety Questions From Public on Possible Use of Reprocessed Plutonium at Browns Ferry

    The Department of Energy is looking for ways to dispose of plutonium from nuclear weapons. - By Tom Lamar - A public hearing on the Tennessee Valley Authority possibly using reprocessed weapons plutonium to power some reactors in north Alabama and Tennessee attracted about 70 people on Tuesday, many with questions about safety. A TVA official at the Tuesday hearing in north Alabama said no decision has been made...
    • Tue, Oct 20 2009

    NRC Assigns New Senior Resident Inspector To Catawba Nuclear Plant

    Hutto joined the NRC in 1998 as a resident inspector at Progress Energy’s Robinson plant near Hartsville, S.C. Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials have selected Andy Hutto as the new senior resident inspector at Duke Energy’s Catawba nuclear power plant, located near York, S.C., about 18 miles south of Charlotte. Hutto joined the NRC in 1998 as a resident inspector at Progress Energy’s Robinson...