Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Mon, Nov 11 2013

    Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant Expansion Shelved

    As Mitsubishi Heavy Industries turns its focus to restarting nuclear plants in Japan, the maker of the APWR and utility Luminant have shelved plans to build new reactors in Texas. In 2008, Luminant applied for a combined license to add two reactors to the Comanche Peak nuclear plant near Fort Worth....
    • Tue, Nov 5 2013

    Comanche Peak Reactor Trips During Testing

    Unit 2 of the Comanche Peak nuclear plant in Texas went offline Friday after routine testing set off safety systems. According to a report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, workers at the Luminant plant near Fort Worth were using a blocking circuit to test a slave relay that can trip the...
    • Fri, Aug 30 2013

    Rolls-Royce Wins $13.7 Million Computer Contract at Comanche Peak

    Rolls-Royce will upgrade computer systems at the Comanche Peak nuclear plant in Texas, the company announced Thursday. Under the $13.7 million contract, the British company will replace plant process computers that monitor reactor operations, set alarms and compile critical data from plant instrumentation...
    • Wed, Feb 27 2013

    Luminant Videos Highlight Careers at Texas Nuclear Plant

    Luminant operates two Westinghouse reactors at its Comanche Peak nuclear plant near Fort Worth. Hundreds of professionals keep the plant safely generating up to 2,300 megawatts for the Texas market, and the utility recently produced videos profiling a few of those people: Erin Fischer - Motor Component Specialist:
    • Thu, Jan 3 2013

    Mac McFarland Takes Over as Luminant CEO

    On New Year's Day, Mac McFarland officially took over as CEO of Luminant, the largest power generator in Texas and operator of the two-unit Comanche Peak nuclear plant near Dallas.
    • Wed, May 18 2011

    NRC Says No Environmental Impact from Comanche Peak’s Proposed Units

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Fort Worth District, have completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Combined Licenses (COL) for the proposed Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant Units 3 and 4. The NRC concludes in the FEIS that there are no environmental impacts that would preclude issuing the COLs for construction and operation of the proposed...
    • Wed, Mar 9 2011

    Reactor Design Changes Delay New Units at North Anna and Comanche Peak Nuclear Plants

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has indicated changes to the design of Mitsubishi’s Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor will delay expansions at two nuclear plants, one for 18 months and the other for two years. Luminant sought licensing for two new 1700 megawatt APWRs at its Comanche Peak site in Texas. Dominion, after starting the licensing process with plans to install a GE-Hitachi reactor, also decided...
    • Wed, Aug 11 2010

    Comanche Peak Celebrates 20 Years of Commercial Operations

    "Comanche Peak is much more than a source of dependable electricity; it's a dedicated community partner, committed to supporting its neighbors and providing stable, well-paying jobs" - By Chris Reed - In its first 20 years, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant and the Luminant employees who keep it operating safely have generated more than 323 million net megawatt hours of electricity, helped contribute...
    • Wed, Jun 30 2010

    Comanche Peak Considers Adding Two New Reactors

    Earlier this month, the DOE agreed to a $3.4 billion guarantee for the expansion of a nuclear facility in Georgia, and the Obama administration recently asked Congress for more funds to help out more plants. Two proposed nuclear plants in Texas are high on the list of potential recipients. - Edited by April Murelio - According to a reoprt in The Texas Tribune, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Company says That two new...
    • Wed, Jul 8 2009

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Announces Proposed Expansion Of Comanche Peak Plant

    Proposed expansion of the Comanche Peak plant will use Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor - By Thomas Cheplick - On July 1st, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Company (CP Nuclear Power) to study a proposed expanision of the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Somervell County, Texas, which is 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth. The two companies...