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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Mon, Mar 18 2019

    Ride A Helicopter To Work At Cooper NPP

    Workers at the Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville, Nebraska made it to work just fine over the weekend. But they had to ride a helicopter to get to the plant.
    • Mon, Dec 31 2018

    Fire Event At Cooper NPP Quickly Controlled

    Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) exited the emergency classification level called a “notification of an unusual event” (NOUE) at its Cooper Nuclear Station. NPPD initially declared the NOUE at 9:04 a.m. Saturday after discovering a hazardous gas environment in the basement of the plant. While investigating the gas, safety and plant personnel detected a fire within a pipe chase.
    • Mon, Feb 19 2018

    Cooper NPP Generates $112 Million Per Year For Region

    A study conducted by the Nuclear Energy Institute has found that the Cooper Nuclear Station, located in the southeast corner of Nebraska, generates $112 million per year in economic benefits to the region. The power plant "quietly churns out electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, generating low-cost, reliable, non-carbon emitting electricity for customers of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)," said...
    • Wed, Mar 8 2017

    NRC To Send Inspectors To Cooper NPP

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it would send a team of two inspectors to the Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville, Nebraska on Monday for a week-long inspection to review what is being called a human error that led to a dual-shut down of the plant's safety-related heat removal systems.
    • Tue, Aug 5 2014

    Weather Service Inadvertently Activates Emergency Message System for Cooper Nuclear Plant

    People living near the Cooper nuclear plant received the second false alarm in two weeks Sunday when the National Weather Service issued a civil emergency message that it quickly retracted. The NWS broadcast the message over its pager notification system at 3:49 p.m. while preparing for an upcoming emergency...
    • Thu, Feb 6 2014

    Worker Dies on Refueling Floor of Cooper Nuclear Plant, Natural Causes Suspected

    Police and the Nebraska Public Power District are investigating the death of a worker at the Cooper nuclear plant Tuesday, although the circumstances suggest he died from natural causes. The control room received a report at 7:38 a.m. that a radiological technician was found unresponsive on the reactor's...
    • Mon, Aug 12 2013

    NPPD Decides Against Uprate for Cooper Nuclear Plant

    UPDATED - Another Midwestern utility has shelved plans for an extended power uprate, this time at the Cooper nuclear plant between Omaha, Neb., and Kansas City, Mo. On Friday, the board of the Nebraska Public Power District voted against a project to increase the plant's output by 18 percent. It...
    • Wed, Dec 19 2012

    NPPD Seeks 18 Percent Uprate for Cooper Nuclear Plant

    The Nebraska Public Power District will pursue an extended power uprate at the Cooper nuclear plant and recently signed $44.7 million in contracts with GE-Hitachi to that end.
    • Mon, Jul 18 2011

    NPPD Approves Funds for Valve Maintenance, Reactor Feed Pump Turbine Refurbishment, and other projects for Cooper Nuclear Plant

    The Nebraska Public Power District held its July 14-15, 2011, Board of Directors’ meeting in Columbus, Nebraska. The following Cooper nuclear projects and improvements were approved: Capital project for License Renewal Project Supplement #3 for $605,127; Flood control barrier project for $513,000; Engineer’s certificate for the reactor feed pump turbine refurbishment for an amount not to exceed...
    • Mon, Jun 27 2011

    Emergency Status Unchanged as Secondary Flood Berm Collapses at Neb. Nuclear Plant

    A water-filled berm at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant deflated Sunday, the Omaha Public Power District reported. Apparently punctured by heavy equipment operating nearby, the berm was among several barriers protecting plant buildings from extreme flood conditions on the adjacent Missouri River. The plant remained under an unusual event declaration, the lowest of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's...
    • Mon, Jun 20 2011

    Second Nebraska Nuclear Plant Guarding Against Missouri Flood Waters

    Early Sunday the Cooper Nuclear Station notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of an unusual event, making it the second plant in Nebraska on guard against severe flooding along the Missouri river. A release from the Nebraska Public Power District said operators anticipated this weekend's notification as they carefully monitored river levels and planned for water releases by the Army Corps of...
    • Mon, Dec 13 2010

    NPPD Board Notes – Cooper Nuclear Station to Purchase a New Refueling Platform

    The Nebraska Public Power District held its December 9-10, 2010, Board of Directors’ meeting in Columbus, Neb. The following items were acted upon for Cooper Nuclear Station (CNS): Rejected a contract for refueling platform replacement at CNS. The Board authorized management to negotiate with vendors that can supply the unit, and bring back a contract for approval that is in a form acceptable to management...
    • Wed, Dec 1 2010

    Cooper Nuclear Station License Extended an Additional 20 Years

    Nebraska Public Power District officials are looking forward to operating Cooper Nuclear Station an additional 20 years, following the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s approval to renew the facility’s operating license. NPPD Chief Executive Officer and President Ron Asche and Board of Directors’ Chairman Larry Linstrom attended the event at NRC’s headquarters in Rockville, Md., where the official...
    • Thu, Sep 9 2010

    NRC Issue Final Safety Evaluation Report for Duane Arnold and Cooper License Extensions

    - Edited By Chris Reed - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued its final safety evaluation report (SER) for the proposed renewal of the operating license for the Duane Arnold Energy Center and Cooper Nuclear Station, and concluded that there are no open items that would preclude license renewal for an additional 20 years of operation each. NextEra Energy Duane Arnold submitted an application to the NRC in...
    • Tue, Apr 20 2010

    O'Grady Promoted To Chief Nuclear Officer At NPPD's Cooper Nuclear Station

    "Cooper Station is a safe and reliable part of NPPD's generation portfolio, providing Nebraskans with a low-cost, carbon-free energy resource," - Edited by Chris Smith - The Nebraska Public Power District announces the promotion of Brian O'Grady to the position of Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer at its Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, Neb. O'Grady is an employee of Entergy...
    • Tue, Apr 13 2010

    NRC Will Hold Public Meeting With NPPD

    “The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the licensee’s plan to safely move spent fuel from the spent fuel pools to the dry storage casks,” said Elmo E. Collins, Regional Administrator for the NRC’s Region IV office in Arlington, Texas. - Source NRC - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will conduct a meeting with the Nebraska Public Power District on April 15 to discuss the status of the Independent Spent...
    • Wed, Feb 3 2010

    Entergy And NPPD Extend Nuclear Services Agreement

    Cooper Nuclear Station agreement extended for an additional 15 years - By Linton Levy - Entergy Nuclear, the nation’s second largest nuclear power operator, has signed an agreement with Nebraska Public Power District to extend management support services to Cooper Nuclear Station until January 2029. The original contract between the companies, signed in 2003, was for the remaining years of the plant’s original...
    • Mon, Nov 9 2009

    Cooper Nuclear Station successfully completes refueling outage

    Outages are extremely complex and intricate and require every person involved to rise to the challenge,” said Brian O’Grady - By Linton Levy - Employees at Cooper Nuclear Station, owned by Nebraska Public Power District, completed the station’s 25th refueling outage. The station, located in the southeast corner of Nebraska near the community of Brownville, synchronized with the grid at 10:40 a...