Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Fri, Dec 2 2016

    NRC Grants Grand Gulf 20 Year License Extension

    Another U.S. nuclear power plant, the Grand Gulf plant 20 miles southwest of Vicksburg, Mississippi, has been granted a 20 year extension on its operating license, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said Thursday.
    • Wed, Jul 31 2013

    Entergy Details Company-Wide Job Cuts

    As it reported disappointing earnings Tuesday, Entergy offered more details on where it will cut 800 positions across its organization. The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported the company will trim 240 positions in Louisiana, 165 in Arkansas, 115 in Texas, 80 in Mississippi and the remainder in Massachusetts...
    • Mon, Jul 22 2013

    Entergy Announces Layoffs, but Details Are Scant

    As it announced a steep year-over-year drop in expected earnings for the second quarter, Entergy also alluded to a new cost-cutting initiative expected to result in layoffs.
    • Tue, Nov 13 2012

    Entergy Shuffles Nuclear Leadership

    Anticipating retirements at multiple sites, Entergy on Monday announced it will move several key executives within its nuclear fleet.
    • Fri, Jul 20 2012

    Uprate to Make Grand Gulf Most Powerful US Reactor

    The boiling water reactor at Entergy's Grand Gulf nuclear plant is set to become the most powerful commercial reactor in the country following an uprate approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    • Thu, Apr 12 2012

    Fire Causes Unusual Event at Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant

    According to an NRC report Thursday, a fire broke out Wednesday evening in the main condenser of the Entergy-owned Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant. A fire brigade was dispatched and the area was quickly evacuated. The flames were put out in 40 minutes.
    • Thu, Feb 2 2012

    Executives Touch on Vermont Yankee, Indian Point as Entergy Reports Earnings

    Entergy filed a motion Tuesday asking state power regulators to approve continued operation of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant following a recent court decision favorable to its relicensing. In a conference call on the company’s fourth quarter earnings, Entergy CEO J. Wayne Leonard said the state’s next step is unknown, and it has until Feb. 21 to appeal the decision. In it, a judge ruled...
    • Tue, Dec 13 2011

    $724 Million Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant Uprate Will Soon Create 4,000 Jobs

    Entergy is preparing for a 13 percent power uprate that will make Grand Gulf the most powerful single-reactor nuclear plant in the country. In the process, the $724 million project in Port Gibson, Miss., is expected to create 4,000 jobs. The Shaw Group will conduct the work, and the Natchez Democrat reported that prospective vendors can inquire about opportunities by ...
    • Wed, Dec 7 2011

    Staff Squeeze May Delay Nuclear Plant Relicensing, Even as NRC Asks Congress for Less Funding in 2012

    With 14 applications pending, the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Tuesday that a shortage of manpower at the agency may delay nuclear plant license renewals. Citing “resource limitations,” Gregory Jaczko warned it may take longer than expected to handle applications to extend the life of reactors ...
    • Thu, Oct 6 2011

    Miss. Governor on New Nuclear Plants: Yes Please!

    Speaking to the Southern States Energy Board Tuesday, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said his state welcomed new reactor construction. "Candidly, we'd love to have another nuclear power plant," the Mississippi Press quoted the Republican governor as saying. "We don't have, 'Not in my backyard.' We have, 'Please in my backyard.’”
    • Thu, Jun 30 2011

    AREVA DZ Signs Services Agreements with Entergy Nuclear

    AREVA DZ, LLC, a joint venture of AREVA and Day & Zimmerman ECM, has signed agreements with Entergy Nuclear for future upgrades at all nine Entergy nuclear plant sites. The five-year agreements include full-scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for capital projects to upgrade the sites for future operations. Entergy’s nuclear fleet includes Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee, Indian Point, Palisades...
    • Fri, Oct 29 2010

    Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore Touts Benefits of Nuclear Energy in Arkansas

    "Nuclear's solid record in Arkansas demonstrates its real potential to help stabilize electricity costs and provide a clean, reliable, cost-efficient source of energy for all of Entergy's customers," said Dr. Patrick Moore, co-chair of the national Clean and Safe Energy (CASEnergy) Coalition and co-founder of Greenpeace Dr. Patrick Moore, co-chair of the national Clean and Safe Energy (CASEnergy)...
    • Fri, Sep 3 2010

    Grand Gulf to be the Largest Single Nuclear Plant in the U.S., if approved

    "It's a big endeavor for the station, because safety is our number one priority," said Randy Douet, the plant's vice president. - Edited By Chris Reed - According to, Entergy Mississippi this month will present its plans for a $510 million expansion of the Grand Gulf nuclear plant to federal regulators. If approved, Grand Gulf would make it the largest single-reactor nuclear plant...
    • Fri, Jul 9 2010

    Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant Celebrates 25 Years Of Powering Mississippi

    Grand Gulf provides approximately 700 jobs in the community, has a payroll of about $70 million and pays $29 million in taxes each year. Plans for an upgrade that will increase the plant’s production capacity will be completed by 2012 and make Grand Gulf Nuclear Station the largest single-unit producer of nuclear power in the world. - By Stephen Heiser - In 1985, Ronald Reagan took the oath of office for his...
    • Fri, Jun 25 2010

    Report Finds Entergy Nuclear Among Nation’s Top Performers

    ANS Report Shows Fleet Operates at More Than 90 Percent of Capacity - By Linton Levy - Nuclear energy continues to be the most reliable energy source in the United States with Entergy’s nuclear fleet leading the way, according to a report released by the American Nuclear Society. In the report released in May 2010, the median rating capacity factor for Entergy’s 11 nuclear plants was 90.8 percent...
    • Fri, May 21 2010

    Grand Gulf’s Refueling Marks Beginning Of Historic Upgrade

    The project includes activities for the energy power upgrade, which will make the reactor at Grand Gulf the single most powerful nuclear generating unit in the nation. It will increase Grand Gulf’s output by approximately 178 Megawatts (MW). This is a 13 percent increase above current production levels of 1,265 MW - Edited by Linton Levy - As Grand Gulf Nuclear Station opened its breakers and began its 17th refueling...
    • Fri, May 14 2010

    Shaw Gets Extended Power Uprate Contract For Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

    Under the new contract, Shaw will provide engineering, procurement and construction services designed to add approximately 178 megawatts of power generation to Grand Gulf Nuclear Station - By Stephen Heiser - The Shaw Group has announced it has been awarded a contract with Entergy Operation, Inc., a subsidiary of Entergy Corporation, to provide extended power uprate (EPU) plant modifications at Grand Gulf Nuclear...
    • Wed, Mar 17 2010

    NRC Will Discuss 2009 Performance Assessment For Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant March 23

    “The NRC continually reviews the safety performance of Grand Gulf and each of the nation’s commercial nuclear power plants,” said Region IV Administrator Elmo E. Collins. “The meeting provides an opportunity for us to discuss our annual assessment of safety performance with the company, local officials and members of the public. - Source NRC - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will meet with representatives...
    • Mon, Jan 11 2010

    Shaw Looks To Uprates To Create $25 Billion Market In The U.S.

    Exelon and Entergy have announced plans to uprate some of their reactors. Shaw already provides fleet-wide maintenance services to these companies - By Stephen Heiser - During a presentation of Shaw financials, Shaw's chairman Jim Bernhard said that 37 reactors out of the USA's total of 104 had already completed or were in the process of implementing power uprates. According to Bernhard, Shaw had participated...
    • Thu, Dec 3 2009

    Entergy Mississippi Announces Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant Upgrade Plans

    Investment will produce savings for customers - By Stephen Heiser - To help meet Mississippi’s growing energy needs and stabilize rising electricity costs, Entergy Mississippi, Inc. has announced that the Mississippi Public Service Commission approved plans for a major upgrade to the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, Mississippi ( ). The project will be...