Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Tue, Jun 14 2016

    PSEG Given Five-Year State Permit For Salem Reactors Water Draw

    Environmental groups in New Jersey lost their bid to force PSEG Nuclear to build two expensive cooling towers for the company's Salem Unit 1 and Unit 2 reactors in Hancocks Bridge, N.J., as the state's department of environmental protection granted the company a five-year permit to continue with their current open-loop cooling system that draws 3 billion gallons of water per day from the Delaware River.
    • Fri, Sep 12 2014

    Hope Creek Reactor Returns to Service After Valve Replacement

    New Jersey's Hope Creek reactor exited a brief outage just after midnight Thursday after a valve replacement. The PSEG plant had taken the unit offline to address a malfunctioning safety release valve. The South Jersey Times reported that operators powered the reactor down on Friday evening to replace...
    • Mon, Dec 9 2013

    Hope Creek Nuclear Plant Shut Down for Second Time in One Week

    A moisture separator problem tripped the Hope Creek reactor in New Jersey for the second time in less than a week Thursday. During both shutdowns, a high moisture separator level automatically tripped the turbine, which then caused the reactor to shut down. The unit was at 76 percent power when it shut...
    • Mon, Dec 2 2013

    Turbine Trip Takes Hope Creek Nuclear Plant Offline

    PSEG's Hope Creek reactor in New Jersey shut down automatically on Sunday. A plant spokesman told the South Jersey Times that a high moisture separator level tripped the plant's turbine, which caused the reactor to shut down automatically. The shutdown did not pose a risk to the public or affect...
    • Thu, Sep 5 2013

    Areva to Service and Refuel Three PSEG Reactors

    Areva announced a sizeable contract Wednesday to provide outage services at PSEG's Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants in New Jersey. While the companies did not publish the value of the contract, its scope is large. According to an Areva release, the French company's American subsidiary will...
    • Mon, Jun 17 2013

    Weld Crack Found in Hope Creek Reactor RHR Line After Unplanned Shutdown

    After pump issues forced Hope Creek 1 to shut down last week, a walkdown of the plant Thursday revealed a small leak in the residual heat removal system.
    • Tue, Mar 6 2012

    Hope Creek Nuclear Plant Restarts After Recirculation Pump Trip

    Early Monday morning, operators brought the Hope Creek nuclear plant back online after a brief shutdown this weekend to address a faulty pump. The recirculation pump tripped Thursday afternoon. Operators brought the reactor to 55 percent power as plant personnel began troubleshooting the pump. On Sunday the reactor was shut down completely so the pump’s motor generator circuitry could be repaired.
    • Tue, Aug 23 2011

    NRC is Monitoring North Anna and other Nuclear Plants on East Coast Following the Earthquake

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is monitoring an Alert at the North Anna nuclear power plant in Virginia, following today’s earthquake in central Virginia. The NRC is also monitoring Unusual Events, the lowest emergency classification, declared at several other Eastern U.S. nuclear power plants. In accordance with agency procedures, the NRC’s regional offices in King of Prussia, Pa., and Atlanta have...
    • Wed, Jul 20 2011

    Hope Creek Nuclear Plant License Extend to 2046

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has renewed the operating license for the Hope Creek Generation Station , located in Hancocks Bridge (Salem County), N.J., for an additional 20 years. The new license will expire on April 11, 2046. The decision to renew the license comes after thorough safety and environmental reviews of the application submitted by the plant’s operator, PSEG Nuclear LLC., on Aug. 18, 2009. Hope...
    • Fri, Dec 10 2010

    Hayward Tyler Wins Pump Deals at Millstone, Hope Creek, and Hatch Nuclear Plants

    Hayward Tyler US nuclear operations is pleased to announce three new North American nuclear contracts won by Hayward Tyler, Inc. (“HTI”) worth in total approximately $5 million. The largest of the new orders is from Dominion Nuclear for three sets of replacement columns for the specialist water circulating pumps which will be installed at Dominion’s Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterford, Connecticut...
    • Mon, Nov 15 2010

    Hope Creek Back Online from Refueling Outage – Now Producing Cobalt 60

    Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant excited their refueling outage last week. The outage work included replacing three of the station’s 18 feedwater heaters and repairs on a residual heat removal heat exchanger. Workers also replaced condensate pump motors and performed maintenance on the cooling towers as well, said Joe Delmar, spokesman for PSEG Nuclear. What made this fueling outage unique was it marked PSEG...
    • Mon, Aug 9 2010

    NRC Accepts Application For Early Site Permit at PSEG's Salem Nuclear Plant Location

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted for review the Early Site Permit (ESP) application for the PSEG site near Salem, N.J. By Tom Lamar PSEG Power and PSEG Nuclear submitted the application and associated information on May 25. The ESP process determines whether a site is suitable for future construction and operation of a nuclear power plant. PSEG's ESP application seeks resolution of safety and environmental...
    • Mon, Mar 8 2010

    NRC: Opportunity To Request Hearing On Proposal To Produce Co-60 At Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant

    If approved, the requested license amendment would give PSEG permission to generate and transfer Cobalt-60 under the NRC’s regulations for “byproduct” material. The Cobalt-60, as a radioactive material licensed by the NRC and Agreement States, is used in applications such as cancer treatment and for irradiation sterilization of foods and medical devices - Source NRC - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff is...