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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Fri, Mar 31 2017

    FitzPatrick NPP Now Owned By Exelon

    Entergy Corporation announced on Friday that the sale of the plant in Scriba, New York, to Exelon Generation had been completed. The company noted that the transaction was "another step in Entergy's exit from its merchant power business."
    • Mon, Mar 6 2017

    NRC Approves License Transfer For FitzPatrick NPP

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Friday that the transfer of the operating license for the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in upstate New York had been approved. As of March 31, the plant's license will be transferred from Entergy Nuclear Operations to Exelon Generation Company.
    • Thu, Nov 17 2016

    New York Approves Sale Of FitzPatrick NPP

    The New York State Public Services Commission (PSC) on Thursday approved of the sale of the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in Scriba, N.Y. To Exelon Corporation. The $110 million sale from Entergy Corporation “will facilitate the continued operation of the carbon-neutral plant as a bridge to a renewable energy future without the need for imported fossil fuels such as fracked gas and oil from out of state or...
    • Tue, Aug 9 2016

    Exelon, As Planned, To Take Over FitzPatrick NPP From Entergy

    Exelon Generation announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to assume ownership and management of Entergy Corporation's James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba, N.Y., in a deal made possible by the state's recently approved Clean Energy Standard policy that includes subsidies for upstate nuclear power facilities.
    • Thu, Jul 14 2016

    Entergy Discusses Sale Of FitzPatrick NPP To Exelon

    Entergy Corporation, owner of five operating nuclear reactors in New York, Michigan and Massachusetts, said this week that it was in discussions with Exelon Corporation for the potential sale of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba, N.Y., a plant the company has threatened to close due to unfavorable market conditions
    • Tue, Jun 28 2016

    Entergy Contains Small Lubricant Leak At FitzPatrick NPP

    Entergy said Monday that workers at the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant near Scriba, N.Y., had identified the source of a lubricant leak that had contaminated the power plant's discharge canal on Sunday, causing a visible sheen to spread across Lake Ontario. The oil “contains no PCBs, is non-radioactive, non-hazardous and has low potential health effects,” the company said, announcing the leak had been stopped...
    • Mon, Feb 15 2016

    NYISO Warns Of Energy Deficiencies Based On Two Plant Closures

    In a report issued late last week, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) warns that closure of the R.E. Ginna and the James A. FizPatrick nuclear power plants, representing 614 MW and 882 MW, respectively, would create an energy deficit for the state when coupled with closure of two coal-fired and two gas turbine plants.
    • Fri, Nov 13 2015

    State Objects To Indian Point License Renewal

    The Department of State in New York is attempting to block the relicensing application for the Indian Point generating station 24 miles north of New York City on grounds that it is harmful to the fish habitat of the Hudson River and a threat to the city's population. About 17 million people live...
    • Thu, Nov 12 2015

    New York Reacts To FitzPatrick NPP Closure

    New York's governor and senior senator have expressed their opposition to Entergy Corporation's decision to close the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Station in Oswego on the shores of Lake Ontario, but the state's opposition maybe just noise, according to newspaper reports. The most tangible...
    • Wed, Jul 31 2013

    Entergy Details Company-Wide Job Cuts

    As it reported disappointing earnings Tuesday, Entergy offered more details on where it will cut 800 positions across its organization. The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported the company will trim 240 positions in Louisiana, 165 in Arkansas, 115 in Texas, 80 in Mississippi and the remainder in Massachusetts...
    • Mon, Jul 22 2013

    Entergy Announces Layoffs, but Details Are Scant

    As it announced a steep year-over-year drop in expected earnings for the second quarter, Entergy also alluded to a new cost-cutting initiative expected to result in layoffs.
    • Tue, Nov 13 2012

    Entergy Shuffles Nuclear Leadership

    Anticipating retirements at multiple sites, Entergy on Monday announced it will move several key executives within its nuclear fleet.
    • Tue, Nov 6 2012

    FitzPatrick, Palisades Nuclear Plants Shut Down Sunday

    One Entergy reactor tripped and another was shut down to investigate a steam leak Sunday.
    • Thu, Jun 30 2011

    AREVA DZ Signs Services Agreements with Entergy Nuclear

    AREVA DZ, LLC, a joint venture of AREVA and Day & Zimmerman ECM, has signed agreements with Entergy Nuclear for future upgrades at all nine Entergy nuclear plant sites. The five-year agreements include full-scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for capital projects to upgrade the sites for future operations. Entergy’s nuclear fleet includes Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee, Indian Point, Palisades...
    • Wed, Sep 15 2010

    James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant Sets New Record for Continuous Operation

    Entergy's James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant has achieved a site record for the most days of continuously producing electricity. FitzPatrick reached 702 days of safe, continuous operation today, Sept. 12, just prior to a safe shutdown to start the station's 19th refueling outage. This record performance places FitzPatrick first in the number of days of continuous operation within the Entergy nuclear fleet...
    • Mon, Jul 27 2009

    Entergy Gets A Six-Month Extension On Spin-Off

    Entergy gets 6-month extension from the NRC for spinoff - By Linton Levy - According to an AP report, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has given Entergy Corp. an extra six months to try to win state approvals and get financing to spin off five nuclear plants in New England, New York and Michigan. Enexus hopes to spin off Enexus Energy Corp. as a new company to own the plants: Pilgrim in Plymouth, Mass.; Vermont...
    • Wed, Jul 15 2009

    Entergy Files In New York For Nuclear Spin-Off

    Nuclear spin off legal process will stretch out into the fall of 2009 - By Mark McFadden - Entergy has filed a proposal with utility regulators in New York state in an effort to get approval of its long-running plan to spin off some of its nuclear assets into Enexus, a separate company. Under the plan, Entergy would spin off six nuclear power plants involved in the wholesale power business into Enexus, which is...