Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Mon, Sep 23 2019

    Three Miles Island Unit 1 Is Retired

    Amid a protest demanding the state of Pennsylvania enact low-carbon energy support legislation, Exelon Generation retired its Unit 1 Three Mile Island reactor Friday, an 819 MWe (net) pressurized water reactor that first went online 45 years ago.
    • Tue, May 30 2017

    Three Mile Island To Close In 2019 -- 15 Years Early

    Exelon Corporation said Tuesday that it would close down the famous Three Miles Island Generating Station in Pennsylvania in September 2019, barring an unexpected policy shift that would turn the current energy market economics around for the state's nuclear power industry.
    • Thu, Sep 10 2015

    Exelon Postpones Decision On Quad Cities And Byron NPPs

    Exelon Corporation, owners of the largest fleet of nuclear power plants in the country, said Thursday it would defer its decision on whether or not to continue operating the Quad Cities and Byron nuclear power plants for one year. The company said “all of its nuclear plants in the PJM market...
    • Thu, Mar 27 2014

    Duke to Sell Unused Nuclear Fuel from Crystal River 3

    On Wednesday, Duke Energy announced plans to sell unused fuel from its shuttered Crystal River 3 nuclear plant, presumably left over from an incomplete 2009 refueling outage. At that point, the plant also planned to replace steam generators but encountered severe concrete delamination after cutting a...
    • Mon, Apr 22 2013

    Areva Signs Deal for 18 Fuel Reloads at Exelon Nuclear Plants

    Areva has cut a deal to provide fuel for five Exelon reactors starting in 2016.
    • Fri, Feb 1 2013

    NRC Considers Penalties for Exelon, Alleges Lower-Than-Required Decommissioning Estimates Filed for 23 Reactors Over Multiple Years

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has notified Exelon of potential penalties following an investigation spanning more than two years into the utility's nuclear plant decommissioning funds.
    • Mon, Sep 24 2012

    Pump Repairs Follow Reactor Trip at Three Mile Island

    Three Mile Island unit 1 was out of service for repairs on Friday following a reactor trip the previous afternoon. A reactor coolant pump tripped at 2:16 p.m., Thursday, creating a flux-to-flow imbalance that caused the plant's safety systems to automatically shut down the reactor from full power, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission event report.
    • Wed, May 23 2012

    Exelon Wins NEI TIP Award for Deployment Of A Fuel Alignment Measurement System

    Exelon Nuclear has claimed the Nuclear Energy Institute's Top Industry Practice (TIP) Award for innovation in the Maintenance Category following introduction of a fuel alignment measurement system at three generating stations: Byron, Braidwood and Three Mile Island. The core mapping technology developed by Newton Labs of Seattle, Washington, enables plant operators to accurately measure the positions of all fuel assemblies...
    • Thu, Nov 3 2011

    Shaw Renews Nuclear Maintenance Contract with Exelon Generation Company

    The Shaw Group Inc. today announced it has renewed a contract with Exelon Generation Company to provide maintenance, modifications and construction services to its fleet of nuclear generating plants. Exelon’s nuclear power fleet includes 17 nuclear reactors in 10 sites; six sites in Illinois, three sites in Pennsylvania and one site in New Jersey.
    • Fri, Sep 9 2011

    Flooding in Northeast Not Expected to Shut Down Nuclear Plants

    The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee have caused widespread flooding in Pennsylvania and New York, forcing an estimated 100,000 people from their homes but failing to reach levels that would endanger the states' nuclear plants. All commercial reactors in both states were operating at 100 percent power Thursday, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, with the exception of Peach Bottom 3 that...
    • Tue, Aug 23 2011

    NRC is Monitoring North Anna and other Nuclear Plants on East Coast Following the Earthquake

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is monitoring an Alert at the North Anna nuclear power plant in Virginia, following today’s earthquake in central Virginia. The NRC is also monitoring Unusual Events, the lowest emergency classification, declared at several other Eastern U.S. nuclear power plants. In accordance with agency procedures, the NRC’s regional offices in King of Prussia, Pa., and Atlanta have...
    • Fri, Apr 30 2010

    Baker Wins ACEC Grand Award For TMI Steam Generator Transport Project

    Each steam generator and transporter unit ─ at 825 tons, 153 feet long, 18 feet wide and 24 feet high ─ were the largest loads ever transported on Pennsylvania and Maryland highways - By Stephen Heiser - Michael Baker Jr., Inc., an engineering unit of Michael Baker Corporation, has been named a Grand Award winner in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2010 Engineering Excellence Awards. Baker...
    • Wed, Mar 3 2010

    Under The Hood With Duncan Williams - Core Catching

    Core Catching - By Duncan Williams - One of the worst accidents in American nuclear history occurred in 1979 at Three Mile Island, located in Pennsylvania. As a result of a series of mechanical and human errors, the reactor core containing the nuclear fuel, which is normally covered in cooling water, was actually uncovered for an unspecified period of time. Before the flow of water could be restored, about half...
    • Mon, Feb 8 2010

    Baker Wins 2010 ACEC/PA Diamond Honor Award for Three Mile Island Steam Generator Transport Project

    This fast-track project required delivery of the generators in September 2009 to support TMI’s license renewal to continue operations through 2034 - By April Murelio - Michael Baker Jr., Inc., an engineering unit of Michael Baker Corporation, was presented with a Diamond Honor Award in the Special Projects Category at the 2010 Annual Awards Dinner by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania...
    • Wed, Nov 25 2009

    NRC Monitoring Company’s Response To Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Contamination

    The levels of contamination were low and do not pose a health or safety concern. No radioactivity left the site as a result of the event and there was no threat to public health and safety - By Stephen Heiser - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is continuing to monitor Exelon’s actions in response to a radiation contamination incident at the Three Mile Island 1 nuclear power plant on Saturday. The event involved...
    • Tue, Nov 24 2009

    TMI Safe: Normal Outage Work At Three Mile Island Resumes

    Event cause traced to airflow change inside containment building - Edited by Randy Brich - Outage workers at Three Mile Island Unit 1 who were sent home Saturday evening returned to work Sunday and today and normal outage work has resumed. About 150 workers stationed in the containment building of TMI Unit 1, which was shut down nearly a month ago for a planned refueling outage and steam generator replacement, were...
    • Tue, Oct 20 2009

    Safety Improvements In Nuclear Power

    Originally Published In The Hawaii Reporter By Michael R. Fox Ph.D., An unrecognized improvement in U.S. nuclear plant safety shows that the lessons of the 1979 Three Mile Island accident still are being taken seriously. Nuclear power wouldn’t be making a comeback in this country unless that was the case. Industry-wide data compiled by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), a utility organization...
    • Mon, Oct 5 2009

    AREVA Delivers Two Steam Generators To TMI

    The steam generators arrived safely and on schedule after an eight-week trip that began at AREVA’s Chalon/St-Marcel facility in France - By Stephen Heiser - AREVA is pleased to announce the successful delivery of two Enhanced Once-Through Steam Generators to the Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) in Dauphin County, Pa. on Sept. 30. The steam generators arrived safely and on schedule after an eight...