Oconee Nuclear Station

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Fri, Jun 17 2016

    NRC Completes Flood Protection Review Of Oconee NPP

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said Friday it had completed its review of the flood protection improvements at the Oconee Nuclear Plant 30 miles west of Greenville, S.C., and found that modifications completed by Duke Energy at the facility would adequately protect the plant from any possible failure of the Jocassee Dam, which is located 12 miles upstream on the Keowee River.
    • Fri, Jul 18 2014

    NRC Considers Enforcement Action at Oconee Nuclear Plant

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering escalated enforcement for an apparent violation at the Oconee nuclear plant involving a weld inspection procedure the agency said was inadequate to prevent a leak in a safety system. In November, unit 1 at the South Carolina plant shut down after a small...
    • Wed, Nov 13 2013

    Oconee Reactor Shut Down to Fix Small Coolant Leak

    Unit 1 at South Carolina's Oconee nuclear plant powered down Sunday night to fix a small pressure boundary leak in its reactor coolant system. Operators dropped the reactor to 20 percent power after a visual inspection turned up a leak in a high-pressure injection line measured at 0.13 gallons per...
    • Mon, Oct 28 2013

    Feedwater Oscillations Shut Down Oconee Reactor

    Unit 3 at the Oconee nuclear plant in South Carolina shut down Thursday after its feedwater system began to malfunction. Small oscillations in the feedwater system emerged just before 6 a.m. and began to grow in magnitude. After manual attempts to stabilize them, operators shut the unit down from full...
    • Tue, Feb 26 2013

    NRC Alleges Violation of Fire Equipment Rules at Oconee Nuclear Plant

    Duke Energy may face penalties for not installing a protected service water system at its Oconee nuclear plant.
    • Thu, Jan 26 2012

    PopAtomic TED Talk: Using Art for Nuclear Power Education (Video)

    The daughter of a nuclear engineer, Suzanne Hobbs Baker was initially afraid of radiation when she first learned about in biology class at 15 years old. So she and her dad spent the day at the Oconee nuclear plant in South Carolina, learning about safety systems, taking dose readings and discovering more about how nuclear power works. Today, Hobbs Baker is a visual artist who leads PopAtomic Studios and...
    • Tue, May 31 2011

    Oconee Nuclear Station Going Digital

    The Oconee Nuclear Station located on Lake Keowee near Seneca, South Carolina, will be the first of 104 US reactors to go digital. Oconee's new system will be implemented at Reactor 1 during this refueling outage and is part of a $2 billion upgrade effort by Duke Energy .
    • Tue, Jan 4 2011

    Oconee Receives NRC Approval for Using NFPA 805 Fire Standard

    “This is an important milestone in the continuing effort to strengthen fire protection regulations at U.S. nuclear power plants,” said Chairman Gregory B. Jaczko The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the Oconee Nuclear Station’s adoption of the National Fire Protection Association’s “Performance-Based Standard for Fire Protection for Light-Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants"...
    • Thu, Feb 4 2010

    NRC Approves Major Instrumentation And Control Upgrade For Oconee Nuclear Plant Safety Systems

    Amended Oconee license gives Duke permission to replace 1970s-era analog, solid-state controls for the plant’s Reactor Protection System (RPS) and Engineered Safeguard Protection System (ESPS) - By Linton Levy - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has approved a license amendment request from Duke Energy Carolinas to install an up-to-date computer upgrade of major safety-related systems at the Oconee Nuclear...
    • Fri, Oct 30 2009

    NRC Assigns New Senior Resident Inspector To Oconee Nuclear Power Plant

    Sabisch joined the NRC in 2003 as a project engineer in the NRC’s Region II office in Atlanta and then was assigned as a resident inspector at Duke Energy’s Catawba plant - By April Murelio - Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials have selected Andrew T. Sabisch as the new senior resident inspector at Duke Energy’s Oconee nuclear power plant, located near Seneca, S.C., about 30 miles west of Greenville...