River Bend Nuclear Generating Station

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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Sat, Dec 29 2018

    River Bend NPP License Renewed Through 2045

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it had renewed the operating license of the River Bend Nuclear Generating Station for an additional 20 years, allowing the plant to operate through Aug. 29, 2045.
    • Fri, Jan 10 2014

    Frozen Valve Results in Water Spill at River Bend Nuclear Plant

    A freezing valve resulted in a water spill on the grounds of Entergy's River Bend nuclear plant Tuesday, but it did not pose a risk to public health. A report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and released Thursday indicated between 100 and 1,200 gallons leaked because of the valve connected...
    • Wed, Jul 31 2013

    Entergy Details Company-Wide Job Cuts

    As it reported disappointing earnings Tuesday, Entergy offered more details on where it will cut 800 positions across its organization. The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported the company will trim 240 positions in Louisiana, 165 in Arkansas, 115 in Texas, 80 in Mississippi and the remainder in Massachusetts...
    • Mon, Jul 22 2013

    Entergy Announces Layoffs, but Details Are Scant

    As it announced a steep year-over-year drop in expected earnings for the second quarter, Entergy also alluded to a new cost-cutting initiative expected to result in layoffs.
    • Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Diesel Generator Problem Provokes Special NRC Inspection at River Bend

    Entergy's River Bend nuclear plant in Louisiana will undergo increased regulatory scrutiny following an issue with one of its diesel backup generators identified earlier this month.
    • Tue, Jan 10 2012

    Internet Surfing By Reactor Operators At River Bend Nuclear Plant Could Draw $140,000 Fine

    No browsing in the control room: On Monday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission proposed a steep fine for Entergy after investigating Internet use by reactor operators at its River Bend nuclear plant. In a release, the NRC announced it has proposed a $140,000 civil penalty related to a period in 2010 when nine operators violated plant procedures requiring them to “remain attentive and focused on their...
    • Wed, Dec 28 2011

    Turbine Problem Trips Reactor at Louisiana's River Bend Nuclear Plant

    The reactor at the River Bend nuclear plant in Louisiana shut down automatically after an issue in the turbine caused safety systems to trip. According to an event notification report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the shutdown caused the reactor protection system to activate, and the reactor's water level briefly dropped. Per the system's design, containment isolation valves in...
    • Thu, Jun 30 2011

    AREVA DZ Signs Services Agreements with Entergy Nuclear

    AREVA DZ, LLC, a joint venture of AREVA and Day & Zimmerman ECM, has signed agreements with Entergy Nuclear for future upgrades at all nine Entergy nuclear plant sites. The five-year agreements include full-scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for capital projects to upgrade the sites for future operations. Entergy’s nuclear fleet includes Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee, Indian Point, Palisades...
    • Fri, Jun 25 2010

    Report Finds Entergy Nuclear Among Nation’s Top Performers

    ANS Report Shows Fleet Operates at More Than 90 Percent of Capacity - By Linton Levy - Nuclear energy continues to be the most reliable energy source in the United States with Entergy’s nuclear fleet leading the way, according to a report released by the American Nuclear Society. In the report released in May 2010, the median rating capacity factor for Entergy’s 11 nuclear plants was 90.8 percent...
    • Fri, May 14 2010

    Shaw Gets Extended Power Uprate Contract For Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

    Under the new contract, Shaw will provide engineering, procurement and construction services designed to add approximately 178 megawatts of power generation to Grand Gulf Nuclear Station - By Stephen Heiser - The Shaw Group has announced it has been awarded a contract with Entergy Operation, Inc., a subsidiary of Entergy Corporation, to provide extended power uprate (EPU) plant modifications at Grand Gulf Nuclear...
    • Wed, Apr 7 2010

    NRC Schedules Open Meeting To Discuss River Bend Nuclear Station 2009 Performance

    "The NRC continually reviews the performance of River Bend Station and the nation=s other commercial nuclear power facilities,@ NRC Region IV Administrator Elmo E. Collins said. This open house will provide an opportunity for local officials and interested members of the public to talk to NRC staff about our assessment of the plant’s safety performance.” - Source NRC - The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission...
    • Thu, Mar 18 2010

    Entergy’s Louisiana Utilities Seek Permission To Preserve Option For New Nuclear Power Plants

    The filing was made under the New Nuclear Incentive Rule established by the Louisiana Public Service Commission in 2007 to provide the LPSC regulatory oversight of new nuclear plant construction in the state - By April Murelio - Entergy Louisiana, LLC and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C. has submitted a filing to the Louisiana Public Service Commission asking for approval to continue the early development...
    • Thu, Mar 18 2010

    River Bend Station Shares Maintenance Expertise with Japanese Visitors

    Group sought insights into River Bend’s successful online maintenance program - By Linton Levy - A group of Japanese utility experts interested in improving the performance of their country’s nuclear power fleet recently visited River Bend Station to learn about the plant’s online maintenance program.
    • Mon, Sep 28 2009

    Entergy's River Bend Station’s Performance Rated As Industry Best

    River Bend nuclear station turnaround sets stage for sustained excellence - By Stephen Heiser - River Bend Station reached an unprecedented milestone recently, when it achieved a perfect 100 index score based on criteria established by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. The perfect score places River Bend among only a few nuclear plants in the nation to achieve this rating. “This is an historic...