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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Thu, Mar 29 2018

    Vogtle Team Places Unit 4 Reactor Vessel (With Video)

    Georgia Power announced today the placement of the nuclear reactor vessel inside Unit 4 containment at the Vogtle nuclear expansion project near Waynesboro, Georgia.
    • Fri, Mar 9 2018

    Georgia Power Touts 13-Hour Concrete Pour

    Georgia Power on Thursday announced the latest construction milestone at the Vogtle nuclear expansion near Waynesboro, Georgia, calling attention to a 13-plus hour continuous concrete placement for the Unit 4 "turbine tabletop."
    • Wed, Feb 21 2018

    NRC Proposes $145,000 Fine For Plant Vogtle Lapses

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Wednesday that there were no safety concerns connected with the incidents, but they have proposed a civil penalty of $145,000 against Southern Nuclear Operating Company for procedural violations that occurred at Plant Vogtle during a three-month period in 2016.
    • Mon, Feb 12 2018

    Congress Extends Tax Credit For Reactor Projects

    Nuclear power developers Georgia Power joined with the president and chief executive officer of the U.S. Nuclear Energy Institute this week in praising members of Congress for voting to approve new legislation that would extend the deadline for construction projects to receive a critical nuclear production tax credit.
    • Tue, Jan 23 2018

    Pressurizer Placed At Vogtle Unit 3 (With Video Clip)

    Georgia Power’s Vogtle nuclear expansion project achieved a major milestone on Jan. 22 with the placement of the Unit 3 pressurizer, which will provide pressure control inside the reactor coolant system once the unit begins operating. The company provided a video clip.
    • Thu, Dec 21 2017

    PSC Green Light: Vogtle Owners To "Move Forward" With Expansion (Video Bonus)

    Georgia Power on Thursday morning announced the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) had approved completion of the Vogtle 3 & 4 construction project near Waynesboro, Georgia. It will be "the nation's first new nuclear units in 30 years,"the company said, using a description of the project that has remained consistent in recent months.
    • Thu, Dec 14 2017

    Toshiba Pays $3.68 Billion To Vogtle Expansion Owners

    Georgia Power and the other Vogtle co-owners, Oglethorpe Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities said Thursday they had received a total of $3.68 billion in parent guarantee payments from Toshiba, the full amount owed by the parent company of former primary Vogtle contractor Westinghouse.
    • Wed, Dec 13 2017

    Vogtle Progress In Dramatic Year (With Video Clip)

    It was a dramatic, hectic, nerve-wracking year for the Plant Vogtle Expansion project in Waynesboro, Georgia, as Georgia Power's year in review indicates. The high-tension drama was in the front office, but a clip shows that workers on the site kept up the pace, regardless.
    • Mon, Dec 11 2017

    DOE Approves Toshiba, Vogtle Co-owners Pay Schedule

    Georgia Power said Friday that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) had issued the final approval needed for Georgia Power's new agreement with Toshiba, the parent company of former primary Vogtle contractor Westinghouse, to receive all remaining scheduled payments from Toshiba in the amount of approximately $3.2 billion by Dec. 15, 2017.
    • Thu, Nov 9 2017

    CA02 Module In Place At Vogtle's Unit 4 (With Clip)

    Georgia Power announced the latest milestone at the Vogtle nuclear expansion project on Wednesday and released the latest quarterly video highlighting progress at the massive, twin-AP1000 reactor project.
    • Fri, Oct 13 2017

    Second Vogtle Unit 3 Steam Generator Placed

    Georgia Power announced today that the second steam generator has been safely placed for Unit 3 at the Vogtle nuclear expansion near Waynesboro, Georgia.
    • Mon, Oct 2 2017

    Vogtle Expansion Receives $300 Million Toshiba Tranche

    Georgia Power on Monday announced a significant and potentially nerve-calming financial milestone, saying that the company had received the first tranche of a settlement from ailing Japanese conglomerate Toshiba, owner of Westinghouse Electric Company, which declared bankruptcy on March 29, 2017.
    • Wed, Sep 6 2017

    Latest Vogtle 3 & 4 Construction Pictures

    Check out the latest Vogtle 3 & 4 nuclear plant construction pictures released by Georgia Power Company.
    • Thu, Aug 31 2017

    Bechtel To Manage Plant Vogtle Expansion

    Georgia Power announced Friday that it has contracted with global engineering, construction and project management firm Bechtel to manage daily construction efforts at the Plant Vogtle expansion project. Bechtel will work under the direction of Southern Nuclear, the Southern Company subsidiary which operates the existing units at Plant Vogtle.
    • Thu, Aug 17 2017

    Steam Generator For Unit 3 In Place At Vogtle Project

    Georgia Power announced Wednesday that the first steam generator has been placed at the Vogtle nuclear expansion project near Waynesboro, Georgia.
    • Thu, Aug 3 2017

    Southern CO. Expects New Costs At Vogtle Expansion

    In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, Southern Co. said that it would cost an additional $1 billion to $1.7 billion to complete construction of two new AP1000 Westinghouse-designed reactors at the Vogtle expansion project in Waynesboro, G
    • Fri, Jul 28 2017

    Work Unabated At Plant Vogtle With Management Resuffle Complete

    Progress on the Plant Vogtle expansion project in Waynesboro, Ga., continues unabated despite the shift in project management that was granted approval by the Department of Energy on July 27, Georgia Power said on Friday.
    • Fri, Jun 30 2017

    Georgia Power To Takeover Vogtle Project in July

    Georgia Power said Thursday it was prepared to assume management of the Vogtle nuclear expansion project, taking the reins from Westinghouse Electric Company in late July under the service agreement finalized earlier this month.
    • Mon, Jun 12 2017

    Southern Company Pleased With Toshiba's Backing

    Southern Company has said it was pleased with the Saturday's news that Toshiba had agreed to pay $3.68 billion that would see the Plant Vogtle expansion project to completion. Construction of the two AP-1000 Westinghouse reactor's at the site in Waynesboro, Georgia, had been managed by Westinghouse, a Toshiba subsidiary that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 29.
    • Mon, May 15 2017

    Interim Agreement Keeps Vogtle Expansion Going

    Georgia Power and Westinghouse said they have reached an interim service agreement that would allow for the transition of the Plant Vogtle expansion project to management under Georgia Power. The deal allows for the timing of the transition of construction management from Westinghouse to Georgia Power to be decided by the bankruptcy proceedings. Westinghouse filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors on March 29.
    • Mon, May 1 2017

    Plant Vogtle Expansion Granted Two Week Reprieve

    The Plant Vogtle expansion project in Waynesboro, Ga., remains in financial limbo this week as Georgia Power agreed to extend a 30-day interim agreement to keep construction moving forward, saying Friday that they had added another two weeks to the current interim agreement. Another decision on whether or not to keep the project going will be announced May 12, the company said in a press statement released after the close...
    • Tue, Jan 24 2017

    Video From Plant Vogtle Displays Banner Construction Year

    Georgia Power this week released its latest quarterly video that highlights the latest accomplishments at Plant Vogtle expansion project in Waynesboro, Georgia. This one notes “another year of safe construction” at the project, which has now notched more than 27 million safe work hours at the site without a lost-time accident, a record that includes the work of more than 6,000 employees.
    • Wed, Dec 14 2016

    Second Containment Ring In Place For Vogtle Unit 3

    A second containment vessel ring has been set in place for Unit 3 at the Plant Vogtle expansion project near Waynesboro, Ga., Georgia Power announced on Tuesday.
    • Thu, Dec 1 2016

    Crews Place Plant Vogtle Unit 3 Receives Reactor Vessel (See Clip)

    Georgia Power announced Wednesday that it had achieved an historic milestone at the Plant Vogtle expansion project near Augusta, Ga., with the placement of a 306-ton reactor vessel in its permanent location inside the Unit 3 nuclear island.
    • Mon, Nov 21 2016

    Clip Marks Third Quarter Progress At Plant Vogtle

    Georgia Power on Friday released its latest Vogle Time Line video report marking third quarter progress on the expansion project for the third quarter of 2016. August through September progress at the site includes assembly of critical squib valves for both of the new units, the placement of the 2 million-pound Unit 4 CA20 module – a five story unit that will house spent fuel storage, among other functions – and the setting...