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Corrective Action Program Software (Web-Based)

  • I am the QA Manager for a mid-sized nuclear engineering company.  I am looking for a basic web-based Nonconformance/Corrective Action Program software to use for my nuclear QA Program - nothing too fancy or too involved.  I would like the ability to complete forms on-line from multiple locations, track action item due dates, trend cause codes, etc.  Any suggestions?

  • Please contact QIT Consulting Inc at . Visit QIT's website at GE-Hitachi is using their program.

  • We are interested in being of help. We provide a NC/CAPA system that  is extensively used by utilities. I can connect you with Trey Kirkpatrick, our head of Utility business and a nuclear engineer. I can be reached at 651-204-0751 and my email is

    John J Moroney

  • We provide web-based NC/CAPA management software. If you're interested about learning more please see:  

    I'd be happy to have a brief discussion with you to determine if i-Sight is a good fit. If interested, please call 613-244-5111 Ext. 255


    John Lachapelle

  • Please review our website at for more inforamtion on the software you are looking for.  Specific information on Corrective Action can be found at

    Please feel free to contact me, Jason Langos at 810.534.2222 x350 for further discussion.

  • Have you considered EtQ?   Is a flexible QMS system with Corrective Action/Nonconformance and others.  The NRC actually is using them, and they have some experience in the area.  

  • did you find a good solution?

  • DevonWay provides CAP systems for many nuclear operators as well as engineering & construction suppliers.