Radium Incorporated

Radium Incorporated
Radium Incorporated provides steam generator nozzle dam services, Lightning Bolts (quick installation bolts), motion detectors, protective suits, and software development for commercial nuclear power industry.
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  • Media: Lightning Bolts for FME Areas (locked)

    Lightning Bolts can be locked into place with a standard lock-out /tag-out lock. The lock will prevent disengagement of the bolt by preventing the compression of the center shaft. Combined with a lanyard, it will prevent rotation of the bolt from the threaded hole too. Currently being used on steam...
  • Media: Steam Generator Primary Manway Shield Door - Lightning Bolts Video

    This video demonstrates the installation and removal of a Westinghouse Steam Generator Shield Door using Lightning Bolts.
  • Media: Steam Generator Lightning Bolts - Super Quick Installation and Removal

    Lightning Bolts were developed to replace threaded fasteners in applications where quick installation and removal times are required. They also offer several other advantages such as no alignment or threading issues since ZipNut® collapsible thread technology is utilized. Threaded segments are collapsed...
  • Media: Why You Need Lightning Bolts - Video

    This video shows some of the issues that can occur during steam generator mainateneace operations and how Lightning Bolts can help prevent these issues.