Welcome to Nuclear Power Careers: Nuclear Jobs and Beyond

Welcome to our blog about nuclear power careers! We started this blog because we receive daily questions from our readers about nuclear power jobs. This blog will provide more information and help answer questions such as: 
  • What is the best approach to start looking for a nuclear job?
  • Where are the nuclear jobs now?
  • What types of jobs / careers are in the nuclear power industry?
  • Where can I get additional training and education to prepare me for a nuclear career?
  • What types of outage jobs are available?
  • How much do nuclear workers get paid?
  • Should I have a nuclear specific resume?
Besides experienced Nuclear Street personnel providing insight, we will have guest bloggers to share their experiences too. Recruiters and employers will provide tips and advice to either help land your first nuclear job or possibly advance your career through a job change.  

If you have any questions or topics to cover first please feel free to post them in the comments. In the meantime, stay tuned and check out the Nuclear Jobs Board, Nuclear Education Links, and Nuclear Career information on NuclearStreet.com.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to get advice how to tap into the pool of retired nuclear power plant employees?  I am gearing up my business to hire seasoned professionals for my new startup business.  Please check out my website.

    Your advice would be appreciated.