• Fri, Dec 2 2016

    Illinois Lawmakers Pass Future Energy Jobs Bill

    Lawmakers in Illinois passed the Future Energy Jobs Bill on Thursday that would provide as much as $235 million a year for Exelon, which operates all 11 nuclear power plants in the state, including the Clinton and Quad Cities facilities that the company said would be closed prematurely without economic intervention.
    • Fri, Dec 2 2016

    NRC Grants Grand Gulf 20 Year License Extension

    Another U.S. nuclear power plant, the Grand Gulf plant 20 miles southwest of Vicksburg, Mississippi, has been granted a 20 year extension on its operating license, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said Thursday.
    • Thu, Dec 1 2016

    Crews Place Plant Vogtle Unit 3 Receives Reactor Vessel (See Clip)

    Georgia Power announced Wednesday that it had achieved an historic milestone at the Plant Vogtle expansion project near Augusta, Ga., with the placement of a 306-ton reactor vessel in its permanent location inside the Unit 3 nuclear island.
    • Thu, Dec 1 2016

    NRC Approves Riverstone Holding Acquisition Of Susquehanna NPP

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Wednesday approved the indirect transfer of control of the operating licenses for both units of the Susquehanna nuclear power plant near Berwick, Pennsylvania to accommodate a merger deal between Riverstone Holdings LLC and Talen Energy Corporation.
    • Wed, Nov 30 2016

    MHI Completes Contract Milestone At Ringhals NPP

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) said Tuesday it had completed replacement work on a pressurized water reactor (PWR) pressurizer nozzle spool piece for Unit 3 at the Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden. The work completed involved over 100 engineers working in shifts day and night for 45 days, said MHI in a statement.
    • Wed, Nov 30 2016

    Engineers Complete Chernobyl Unit 4 Enclosure -- See Clip

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced the successful enclosure of the heavily damaged Unit 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine that is the site of the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history.
    • Tue, Nov 29 2016

    University of Bristol Promotes Novel Idea: Nuclear Diamond Batteries

    The University of Bristol in England has a novel idea for nuclear waste that involves use of the isotope carbon 14 to create long lasting batteries encased in man-made diamonds. A video clip explains how.
    • Tue, Nov 29 2016

    NRC Sends 20 Inspectors To Pilgrim NPP

    The Nuclear Regulator Commission (NRC) said Monday it was sending a team of 20 inspectors with expertise in a variety of disciplines to begin a three-week “top-to-bottom review” of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Plymouth, Mass.
    • Mon, Nov 28 2016

    AREVA NP To Head Team In Palo Verde Feedwater Heater Contract

    French nuclear power conglomerate AREVA said Monday it had signed a multimillion-dollar contract to supply and replace 12 low-pressure feedwater heaters at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Tonopah, Arizona.
    • Mon, Nov 28 2016

    Brattle Group Values Quad Cities and Clinton NPP(s) For Illinois

    A Brattle Group study sponsored by business groups in Illinois found that keeping the Quad Cities and Clinton nuclear power plants operating in Illinois would save residential and business consumers $3.1 billion over the next 10 years in electricity costs. The study's sponsors, including the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber or Commerce and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, are...
    • Mon, Nov 21 2016

    U.S. Nuclear Corp To Build Air Monitors For KHNP

    US Nuclear Corp. said Monday it had been awarded $638,675 net total in a contract to build semi-portable particulate, iodine, and noble gas continuous air monitors for nuclear power plants in S. Korea.
    • Mon, Nov 21 2016

    Clip Marks Third Quarter Progress At Plant Vogtle

    Georgia Power on Friday released its latest Vogle Time Line video report marking third quarter progress on the expansion project for the third quarter of 2016. August through September progress at the site includes assembly of critical squib valves for both of the new units, the placement of the 2 million-pound Unit 4 CA20 module – a five story unit that will house spent fuel storage, among other functions – and the setting...
    • Fri, Nov 18 2016

    European Commission Drops Key Paks Complaint

    The European Commission has backed away from one of its objections to contract procurement processes involving the Paks nuclear power plant expansion project in Hungary, saying that only Rosatom could have handled every stipulation Hungary had spelled out for the project.
    • Thu, Nov 17 2016

    New York Approves Sale Of FitzPatrick NPP

    The New York State Public Services Commission (PSC) on Thursday approved of the sale of the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in Scriba, N.Y. To Exelon Corporation. The $110 million sale from Entergy Corporation “will facilitate the continued operation of the carbon-neutral plant as a bridge to a renewable energy future without the need for imported fossil fuels such as fracked gas and oil from out of state or...
    • Thu, Nov 17 2016

    Unit 3 At Palo Verde Sets Plant Outage Record

    When Arizona Public Services Company crews at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the nation's most productive power plant, reconnected Unit 3 to the grid on Saturday last at 5:37 p.m. Nov. 5, they set a new plant record for the shortest outage servicing ever at the facility, the third time for the plant an outage was completed in under 30 days.
    • Wed, Nov 16 2016

    Third Japanese Reactor Granted License Extension

    Japan's nuclear regulator, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, has granted a license extension to the Mihama Unit 3 reactor run by Kansai Electric, which allows it to operate for a 60-year span, which would end in 2036. It is the third Japanese reactor to be given a license extension. The first two were granted to two Takahama facility reactors.
    • Wed, Nov 16 2016

    EDF Signs Deal For Control Of AREVA NP

    A long-expected re-shuffling of the French nuclear power industry became formal on Wednesday, as state-owned utility Electricite de France (EDF) and nuclear service, component and construction giant AREVA signed a binding agreement valued at $2.67 billion for the sale of AREVA NP's activities.
    • Tue, Nov 15 2016

    Confinement Arch On The Move At Chernobyl

    The 36,000 metric ton New Safe Confinement arch at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant's No. 4 reactor, which cost $1.6 billion to build, is on the move this week as the construction consortium that built it is pushing the arch into its permanent spot, where it will shield the environment from the site of the world's worst nuclear power plant accident.
    • Tue, Nov 15 2016

    Trump May Revive Debate On Yucca Mountain Repository

    With the ink barely dry on last week's stunning election victory for Donald Trump, reports from Washington indicate that members of the president elect's transition team are stirring up renewed consideration for long-term nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.
    • Mon, Nov 14 2016

    New Owner To Finish Bellefonte Nuclear Plant In Alabama

    The Tennessee Valley Authority said the unfinished Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Hollywood, Ala., has been sold at auction for over three times the price of the opening to Nuclear Holdings LLC, which plans to invest $13 billion in the site and complete the aborted nuclear power project.
    • Fri, Nov 11 2016

    IAEA Conducts First ATMEA1 Seismic Review

    The International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nation's nuclear power regulator, said it had conducted the agency's first seismic safety review assessing a new nuclear power design in October, starting the initiative with a mid-sized pressurized water reactor ATMEA1 in Japan.
    • Fri, Nov 11 2016

    DOE Contracts To Supply New Facility With Depleted Uranium

    The Department of Energy (DOE) said Friday it had agreed to sell depleted uranium to GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment, LLC (GLE) over a 40-year period which would be enriched at a proposed GLE state-of-the-art facility.
    • Thu, Nov 10 2016

    OPAL Reactor To Go Global On Isotope Production

    Adi Paterson, Chief Executive of the Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organization (ANSTO), said the research and production-oriented 20-megawatt Open Pool Australian Lightwater reactor (OPAL) would increase production of radioactive isotopes for medical purposes, aiming to create 10 million doses a year to make up for potential shortages worldwide.
    • Thu, Nov 10 2016

    Vietnam To Cancel Plans For Two Nuclear Power Plants

    Citing the high cost of construction and slower than expected demand growth for electricity, officials in Vietnam are saying that the government has plans to back out of contracts with Russian and Japanese companies to build two nuclear power plants that were approved in 2009.
    • Wed, Nov 9 2016

    AREVA Receives Doel Units Instrumentation Contract

    Nuclear power supply and service company AREVA NP said it has been awarded a contract to modernize parts of the instrumentation and control (I&C) system of the Doel 1 and 2 nuclear reactors operated by the Belgian utility Electrabel.