Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Introduces Measure To Allow Modern Nuclear Power In California

Bill 1035 is the fourth nuclear power bill authored by the Assemblyman in the past two years

 - By Christopher Smith -

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, has introduced a measure to end the moratorium on new nuclear power in California in an effort to expand the state's low greenhouse gas emission energy supply. Assembly Bill 1035 is the fourth nuclear power bill authored by the Assemblyman in the past two years. DeVore believes that nuclear power should receive serious consideration as California struggles to grow its economy, while also meeting stringent emissions reduction goals.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine

"Modern nuclear power is safe and cost-effective, and it is the only reliable source of electricity that can meet California's growing energy needs without generating large amounts of greenhouse gases," said DeVore. "California's economy will continue to suffer as long as our state's energy costs remain far higher than in other states. To keep jobs in California and bring new employers to the state, we need to take a serious look at the benefits of modern nuclear power."

DeVore was joined by ten other Republican Assembly members in his effort to lift the 32-year ban on the construction of modern nuclear power plants. He expressed serious concern over the greenhouse gas reduction plan recently passed by the legislature in 2006, adding that the goals set in the plan could not be reached without allowing the construction of new nuclear power plants. Assembly Bill 32 of 2006 mandates that California's greenhouse emissions be reduced by 25 to 30 percent by 2020, yet the renewable technologies supported by the bill's sponsors cannot supply enough power to replace current natural gas and coal-based sources. Natural gas and coal provide about 60 percent of California's electricity.

"Nuclear power is the only technology available today that can be built on a scale large enough to power our modern society while also reducing California's greenhouse emissions," DeVore added. "Rather than harming California's economy by limiting the amount of electricity available, the state should be looking at ways to provide more energy without increasing our emissions. Modern nuclear power will help our state's economy grow while also meeting our aggressive emissions reduction goals."  

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