Doosan Heavy Indistries and Construction Co. Ships CEDMs and Reactor Head to Palo Verde

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Friday that it has sold nuclear power plant equipment to the largest nuclear energy generating facility in the United States.

- By Linton Levy -

The company said it has shipped the equipment composed of control element drive mechanisms (CEDMs) and replacement reactor vessel heads to the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Tonopah, Arizona, which has a production capacity of 1,400 MW of electricity.

The sale marks the first time Doosan has exported such equipment, including CEDMs and reactor vessel heads, according to the company.

A reactor vessel head is used to maintain the pressure resistance of a coolant, while a CEDM is a device used to control the degree of a nuclear reaction.

A total of 89 sets of CEDMs are installed on one reactor vessel head, Doosan officials said.

Doosan won the right to supply the Arizona plant with control element drive mechanisms in March 2006.

It usually takes an average of two years to manufacture the equipment for one nuclear power plant unit, Doosan officials said.

The equipment, which has been recently shipped from Doosan's plant in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, will be installed on one of the three units at the Arizona plant.

Two additional shipments for the other units will be made in turn at six-month intervals.

The South Korean company said that the latest shipment to Arizona is the fourth export of nuclear equipment to the U.S. after it sent four steam generators to the Sequoyah nuclear plant in 1999.

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