Peach Bottom Enters Outage to Replace Main Power Transformer

- Edited By Chris Reed -

Operators at Exelon Nuclear’s Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station safely shutdown the Unit 3 reactor yesterday at 8 a.m. ET to allow workers to replace one of the station’s main power transformers. Station operators, who continuously monitor plant performance, made the determination to replace the transformer this weekend as a precaution. peach-bottom-nuclear-plant

Peach Bottom has six main power transformers, four of which have already been replaced as part of Exelon’s $87 million investment to ensure long-term equipment reliability at the station. The station’s Unit 3 ‘B’ transformer, one of two remaining units that have been in service since 1974, will be replaced with a spare unit of similar vintage that is currently on site. Both older transformers are scheduled for replacement next fall.

Station operators will take advantage of the outage to complete a host of other maintenance tasks that can only be performed while the unit is offline.

“Careful and continuous monitoring of plant equipment is essential to safe and reliable operations at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station,” said Site Vice President Tom Dougherty. “When potential issues are identified, our operators are well-prepared and highly trained to implement safe and effective solutions.”

Peach Bottom’s Unit 2 reactor is not affected and will continue to run at full power during the transition. The station is home to two boiling water reactors, which jointly produce over 2,200 megawatts of electricity, powering more than two million homes. 

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