Six Exelon Nuclear Plants are Top Producing GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Designed Boiling Water Reactors

- Edited By Chris Reed -

Six Exelon Nuclear reactors were listed among the top producing GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy-designed boiling water reactors (BWRs) worldwide in 2009. This recognition included: Exelon Nuclear's Limerick Units 1 and 2 near Pottstown, Pa; LaSalle Unit 2 located in Brookfield Township in Illinois; Peach Bottom Unit 2 located in Delta, Pa; Dresden Unit 2 located in Morris, Ill; and Quad Cities Unit 1 located in Cordova, Ill.

In addition to the recognition for capacity factor, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) also recognizes BWR units that continually operate for more than 400 days. In 2009, four of the Exelon units were among the reactors nationwide to achieve this milestone. The Exelon plants were LaSalle Unit 2, Quad Cities Unit 2, Limerick Unit 2, and the Clinton Power Station.

"We congratulate Exelon for its continued role as a world leader in nuclear power performance," said Kevin Lagasse, senior vice president, services, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. "GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy presents this annual award as a testament to the reliability of boiling water reactors. Once again, Exelon is one of the top producers worldwide."

GEH annually recognizes the top producers among the 92 operating BWRs worldwide that use its technology. The awards are presented to operators of BWRs that achieve year-end annual capacity factors in the top 25 percent of the worldwide nuclear industry.

"Safe and reliable operations are key to continued success at Quad Cities Station," said Site Vice President Randy Gideon. "We are committed to operational excellence at this station, and we are continuously upgrading the plant to ensure the long-term operation of both reactors at a high capacity factor."

Capacity factor refers to the amount of electricity actually produced by a power plant compared to what it could theoretically produce running at full power 100 percent of the time. It is a key measure of plant reliability and overall industry performance. Two of the recognized units achieved capacity factors greater than 100 percent, which means the generators produced more electricity than they are theoretically rated to produce by their manufacturers (this is unrelated to reactor power).

All six generating units are boiling water reactors designed by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and owned by Exelon Nuclear, the nation's largest operator of commercial nuclear energy plants. Boiling water reactors are one of two primary nuclear light water reactor designs used in the United States and represent about one-fifth of all commercial nuclear reactors in use worldwide.

The GEH awards are presented annually to the 23 most efficient boiling water reactors out of 92 in operation worldwide as measured by year-end capacity factor.

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