NRC Proposes Fee Changes for Nuclear Facilities

As it works to finalize this year’s budget, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday proposed a number of fee changes for nuclear facilities.

The agency expects to collect $915.3 million in fees in fiscal year 2011, which is $400,000 more than it received in 2010. By law, the agency has to collect about 90 percent of its budget from fees charged to the sites it oversees. The fee proposal and the NRC’s funding level could change in the coming weeks as Congress continues to debate this year’s federal budget.

The NRC also has proposed a higher hourly rate to better cover overhead expenses, the agency said, boosting it to $273 per hour.

Annual fees for power reactors and uranium recovery facilities have decreased, according to an NRC release, while those for spent fuel storage facilities, non-power reactors, fuel facilities and Department of Energy uranium recovery and transportation increased.

The fees the agency has proposed for 2011, broken down by license type, are:

Operating Power Reactors (including spent fuel storage/reactor decommissioning annual fee) -- $4,669,000

Spent fuel storage/reactor decommissioning --  $241,000

Test and research reactors (non-power reactors) -- $86,100

High-enriched uranium fuel facility -- $6,078,000

Low-enriched uranium fuel facility -- $2,287,000

UF6 conversion facility -- $1,242,000

Conventional mills -- $31,900

Radiographers -- $25,700

Well loggers -- $9,900

Gauge users (Category 3P) -- $4,800

Broad scope medical licensees (Category 7B) -- $45,000

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