DOE to Continue Radiation Monitoring and Other Assistance in Japan

Among the help the U.S. government has provided Japan following the March 11 earthquake and nuclear emergency, the Department of Energy continues to monitor radiation around the site of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

Energy Secretary Steven ChuThree days after the earthquake, the agency, in tandem with the National Nuclear Security Administration, sent 33 people with 8.6 tons of equipment to Japan. Consequence management response teams and NNSA aerial systems have provided thousands of radiation readings over the last two weeks.

The most recent readings, released Friday, were all below .03 millirems per hour, with nearly all of the elevated readings within 25 miles of the damaged reactors, according to DOE.

Monitoring flights and ground measurements will continue, and on Monday Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the department will continue to assist the Japanese government in response and recovery efforts after he signed a book of condolences at the Japanese embassy in Washington.

(Photo: Energy Secretary Steven Chu at the Japanese embassy Monday. Source: DOE)

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