Work Continues at Fukushima Daiichi as Radiation Detected on Seabed, in Treated Sewage (With new PackBot Video)

Crews briefly shut off residual heat removal systems at units 5 and 6 to test transformers and switched core cooling to external fire trucks at units 1 and 2 to install alarm systems Monday at Japan’s severely damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

According to a statement issued by Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Commission Tuesday, those systems were safely put back on external power afterward as Tokyo Electric Power Co. continues its fight to control three reactors and four spent fuel tanks damaged following a March 11 tsunami and station blackout.

More details also emerged Tuesday on an air filtration system the utility plans to install in unit 1. According to the Daily Yomiuri newspaper, installation of the six filtration units began Tuesday. The system will be installed in the unit’s turbine building, which will be sealed off to keep it at a higher air pressure than the atmosphere outside and force contaminated air out of the structure through hoses.