Bill Gates Explains TerraPower And The Traveling Wave Reactor

We came accross an interesting video on YouTube the other day. It was Bill Gates at the TED conference in 2010 introducing us to TerraPower and their development plans for the Traveling Wave Reactor.

The traveling wave reactor’s design would use a small amount of enriched uranium 235, with 90 percent of the fuel made from depleted uranium (U-238). Neutrons released from the fissioning U-235 penetrating the spent fuel would create plutonium, which itself would fission and generate energy in a slow reaction that could last years without human intervention.

Gates has invested tens of millions in TerraPower, a company formed in 2008 under a broader organization called Intellectual Ventures run former Microsoft Chief Technical Officer Nathan Myhrvold. The company received an additional $35 million last year from venture-capital firms Charles River Ventures and Khosla Ventures.