Nine Mile Point Reactor Back Online Following Two Unplanned Shutdowns

After two shutdowns in the preceding week, Unit 2 at upstate New York’s Nine Mile Point nuclear plant came back online last weekend.

Operators restarted the 1,140-megawatt-hour General Electric Type 5 boiling water reactor Friday, achieving 70 percent power by Saturday afternoon. Operator Constellation Energy Nuclear Group took the reactor offline Aug. 6 after notifying the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of an unusual event, the lowest category of emergency tracked by the agency. Rising pressure in the drywell and drywell floor-drain leakage exceeding regulatory limits prompted the shutdown.

Then, after addressing the drain issue, operators brought the reactor to 15 percent power Thursday only to shut it down again after detecting a leak in a feedwater pump. An NRC spokesman told the Syracuse Post Standard that the pump leaked because of improperly tightened bolts.

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