Shaw Renews Nuclear Maintenance Contract with Exelon Generation Company

Shaw Group LogoThe Shaw Group Inc. today announced it has renewed a contract with Exelon Generation Company to provide maintenance, modifications and construction services to its fleet of nuclear generating plants. Exelon’s nuclear power fleet includes 17 nuclear reactors in 10 sites; six sites in Illinois, three sites in Pennsylvania and one site in New Jersey.

Shaw began providing fleet wide nuclear maintenance service to Exelon in 2001. During its ten-year relationship, Shaw has assisted Exelon in achieving industry refueling outage records.

“Exelon demands excellence in performance, and we have proven our ability to meet their expectations year after year,” said Ron McCall, president of Shaw’s Plant Services Division. “Our world-class team is aligned with our client to safely provide efficient, cost-effective results to meet growing energy demands of their customers. Our experience in nuclear power design, procurement, engineering, construction and decommissioning also complements our maintenance and modification capabilities, allowing us to provide start-to-finish service to the nuclear industry.”

The undisclosed value of the long term contract will be included in Shaw’s Plant Services segment’s backlog of unfilled orders in the first quarter of fiscal year 2012.

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