EDF Awards AREVA Digital Upgrade Contract for 20 Nuclear Power Plants

EDF has awarded AREVA with a contract worth more than €600m to upgrade the monitoring and control systems which will improve the safety features of its 1300MW power plants (Paluel, Flamanville, Saint-Alban, Cattenom, Belleville, Nogent sur Seine, Golfech and Penly).

EDF stated that the upgrades are an integral part of EDF’s industrial program for the continuous improvement of its nuclear installations. The aim is to enhance the performance of the monitoring and control systems, which improve nuclear safety.

The work will start in 2015, to coincide with the third 10-yearly reactor inspections. Developed by AREVA in the 80’s, and brought into service for the first time in 1984 in a reactor at the Paluel plant, this digitized system includes the power and protection control system for the reactor core.

As the principal contractor, AREVA will be working primarily with its partner, Rolls Royce, whose teams are based in Grenoble, to supply the majority of the technology associated with this contract.

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