Bruce A Unit 2 - Receives Approval to Restart After Major Plant Upgrades

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) announces today its decision to allow Bruce Power to restart Unit 2, following its refurbishment which began in 2006. This means that Bruce Power can now safely remove shutdown guarantees and progress with the remaining return-to-service activities.

In making its decision, CNSC staff reviewed submissions from Bruce Power and conducted numerous inspections at the facility. Staff verified compliance with the license conditions issued in October 2009. Based on these reviews, the CNSC concluded that Bruce Power has met all of the conditions related to releasing reactor shutdown guarantees in Unit 2. Upon restart, the facility may increase reactor power up to 50% of its capacity. CNSC approval is required to increase reactor power above that level.

"It's with a high degree of confidence today that the CNSC is authorizing the safe restart of Unit 2 at the Bruce A Nuclear Generating Station. Our assessments have provided us with the assurances that the operator has taken all necessary measures to protect workers, the public and the environment," said Ramzi Jammal, Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Operations Officer at the CNSC. "We congratulate the Bruce A Restart Team for the many technical achievements involved so far in returning Unit 2 to service."

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