TVA Lays Off 430 Contractors On Bellefonte Project

This Thursday, TVA announced it will lay off about 430 contractors working on the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant project, citing the slow place of work at Watts Bar unit 2.

Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant (source: TVA)"With construction at Bellefonte not beginning until fuel is loaded at Watts Bar 2, we are resetting priorities at Bellefonte," said David Stinson, vice president of the project.

About 900 contractors support the Bellefonte project, with almost half of the contractors working at the site and the remainder in satellite offices at other locations. However, of the 430 affected contractor positions, only about 85 individuals work at the Bellefonte site.

After discontinuing work on Bellefonte over 30 years ago, TVA decided to resume work on the plant last year. They are still committed to finishing the project.

"Bellefonte is integral to building a balanced energy portfolio and TVA being a leader in safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy production," Stinson said in a statement.

Spokesman Terry Johnson said TVA is expected to announce Watts Bar Unit 2's new projected completion date and its new estimated completion budget. Last month, TVA announced the project was behind schedule and over budget. Construction on Watts Bar 2 also began in the 1970s, but stalled in 1988 before resuming work in 2007.

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