New Build at Darlington to Use Enhanced Candu 6 or AP1000 Reactors

Quoting provincial sources, the Toronto Star reported Thursday that Ontario has narrowed the potential designs for new reactors at the Darlington nuclear plant to the Enhanced Candu 6 and Westinghouse’s AP1000. The province and Ontario Power Generation are said to be negotiating service level agreements with the makers of both designs.

Enhanced Candu 6 conceptual drawing. Source: CanduUnder the agreements, Westinghouse and Candu will submit construction plans and cost estimates, which can take a year or longer to produce. Canadian regulators are also in the process of licensing both designs. They have not been working toward a license for Areva’s EPR, which had also been in the running for the new units.

The AP1000 is a 1,154-megawatt pressurized light water reactor, with four units currently under construction at the Vogtle and V.C. Summer plants in the U.S. It will compete with the heavy-water Enhanced Candu 6, which is more similar in design to Ontario’s other reactors. According to Candu, it is a 700-megawatt class heavy-water moderated pressure tube reactor that can use natural uranium for fuel. The Enhanced Candu 6 is based on the existing Candu 6 design used in 11 units in five countries.

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