New Texas Compact Facility Receives First Nuclear Waste Shipment

Two days after it received state approval to begin operations, a low level radioactive waste (LLRW) site in Texas announced it received its first shipment. Valhi subsidiary Waste Control Specialists reported Friday it had disposed of a shipment from Bionomics.

“We have finally completed what we set out to do almost 17 years ago, which is to provide the industry with a ‘one-stop shop’ for its hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste needs. Although it was a bold vision at the time, we believe our Texas Solution provides the broadest range of capabilities of any commercial enterprise in the United States for the storage, treatment and permanent disposal of hazardous, toxic, low-level and mixed LLRW and radioactive byproduct material," Waste Control Specialists CEO William J. Lindquist said in a release.

The site, about 360 miles west of Dallas, handles a range of hazardous material. On Wednesday, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality granted the Texas Waste Compact facility final approval, although the agency said in a letter to the company that it will continue to monitor four wells at the site.

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