Darlington Nuclear Project Granted Federal Clearance

Canada's natural resources minister Joe Oliver said Wednesday that he has approved Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) plans for the multibillion-dollar expansion of the Darlington nuclear power station near Toronto, saying the project is not likely to cause adverse environmental impact.

"Nuclear energy is a safe, reliable and virtually emissions-free option for addressing Canada's energy and environmental needs." said Minister Oliver. "The Government will take the necessary steps to address the recommendations under its jurisdiction."

The government’s announcement clears the way for the panel to grant a license for Ontario Power Generation to prepare a site for the reactors.

OPG wants to build two reactors, with a combined capacity of about 2,000 megawatts.

Last Thursday, the Toronto Star reported that Ontario has narrowed the potential designs for new reactors at the Darlington nuclear plant to the Enhanced Candu 6 and Westinghouse’s AP1000. The province and Ontario Power Generation are said to be negotiating service level agreements with the makers of both designs.

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