Extensions of NRC License, Union Contract Reached at Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

The holiday weekend saw two significant developments for Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Plant near Plymouth, Mass.

On Friday the company announced it received a 20-year license extension for the plant after six years and the longest relicensing process in Nuclear Regulatory Commission history. The original 40-year license was set to expire a week from Friday.

"NRC approval of Pilgrim's license renewal application was the culmination of extensive and rigorous review by the NRC and a tremendous amount of hard work by Entergy. The NRC spent more than 20,000 hours conducting inspections and reviews. At the end of the process, we effectively demonstrated that our systems, structures and components will continue to safely perform their intended function during the 20-year renewal period," Pilgrim Site Vice President Robert Smith was quoted as saying in a release.

Separately, a union representing plant workers reportedly reached a temporary contract extension with the company as its contentious contract negotiations move forward.

The Cap Cod Times reported Sunday that the temporary extension would last through June 5 and that it follows an earlier extension through May 25. The most recent proposal for a four-year contract with the Utility Workers Union of America will see a union vote Saturday.

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