Kurion Acquires GeoMelt Vitrification Technology from Now-Defunct Impact Services

Waste treatment company Kurion has purchased the GeoMelt vitrification business of Impact Services, which filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy Thursday.

GeoMelt In-Container Vitrification. Source: Business Wire"The GeoMelt In-Container Vitrification approach complements and shares several key traits of Kurion's Modular Vitrification System. It is a cost-effective, modular, robust and easily deployable in-container solution. Where the ICV approach has strengths in debris-laden or pre-containerized waste, the MVS is ideal for liquid and tank wastes where temperature, glass former and process flexibility is important to address waste streams with varying and/or challenging chemistries and densities," Kurion founder and CEO John Raymont said in a release Tuesday. It reported the acquisition closed May 16.

Developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the technology was commercialized by Battelle subsidiary GeoSafe Corp. Kurion also acquired GeoSafe rights related to the technology.

The release noted GeoMelt’s Sub-Surface Planar process is well suited to large cleanup applications, specifically mentioning its potential for soil treatment in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Kurion’s Ion Specific Media technology has been used for cesium removal within an emergency water treatment system at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

According to Kurion, GeoMelt has been used to treat 26,000 metric tons of waste in the U.S., Japan and Australia contaminated with radioisotopes, industrial chemicals and heavy metals. Kurion said the technology is under consideration for supplemental treatment of waste at the DOE Hanford site’s tank farm. The company also said it has potential applications for waste streams produced at UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sites.

In addition to its GeoMelt division, Impact Services operated a radioactive waste processing facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn. On Monday, Bloomberg reported Impact Services had filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on May 24, and that the business shut its doors May 18.

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