Pinhole Leak Fixed, Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant Returns to Service

After a fixing a small coolant leak discovered last week, FirstEnergy has restarted its Davis-Besse reactor in Ohio.

The plant began producing power early Wednesday, FirstEnergy said in a release, and it is expected to reach full power this week. Davis-Besse shut down on May 6 for a routine maintenance outage and replacement of 68 of its 177 fuel assemblies. The company noted that shield building cracks found during a reactor pressure vessel head replacement last year did not appear to have grown. No new cracks were found, either.

While preparing to restart the 913 megawatt Babcock and Wilcox pressurized water reactor, a plant walkdown revealed a pinhole leak in a weld near a reactor coolant system pump. A report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission indicated it had a flow of about 0.1 gallons per minute.

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