Stalled Nuclear Construction in China Shows Signs of Life

Roughly a year since temporarily shutting down its massive nuclear construction program in response to the Fukushima Daiichi accidents in Japan, China's government and industries are making overtures that new build may soon resume.

On Thursday, the BBC reported that the Chinese government is expected to announce a new, albeit smaller, plan for reactor Pengze nuclear plant concept drawing. Source: China Power Investment soon. Likewise, Caixin Online noted that experts at a recent forum in Beijing emphasized the importance of faster inland reactor construction in light of the country's accelerating energy demand.

The Chinese website also reported that the Chinese government's passage of a regulatory framework for preventing and handling nuclear accidents within the 12th Five-Year Plan represented another step toward the state's approval of new projects. When construction resumes, China's nuclear power companies will be ready, with Pengze nuclear plant developer CPI Jiangxi Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. announcing a new $63.3 million capital injection from its parent companies Thursday.

China National Nuclear Power Co. is also raising capital, with the Ministry of Environment Protection recently approving an initial public offering that would help fund five projects worth $27.26 billion. The IPO still needs approval from securities regulators, City A.M. reported, and the IPO's timing and fundraising target were not announced.

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  • Anonymous

    That "temporarily shutting down its massive nuclear construction program" is simply false. They stopped the APPROVAL process but ALL construction continued apace without EVER slowing down. This is a very misleading article.

    David Walters