VC Summer Nuclear Plant Construction Photos

The following photographs and slides are from SCANA Corporations 2012 2nd Quarter Financial Results Presentation. Steve Byrne; SCANA Corporation; COO, SCE&G provided the construction update and descriptions for the following slides.  

Steve Byrne:

I would now like to direct your attention to slide 13. We are pleased that our construction continues to move forward on our nuclear project. The schedule continues to support commercial operation dates of March of 2017 for Unit 2 and May of 2018 for Unit 3.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

We have made progress in several areas during the past quarter. We continue to pour concrete in the Unit 2 excavation site, and are making progress on the switchyard and cooling towers. The heavy lift derrick has been assembled, tested, and is ready for use. Large component manufacture is progressing at sites around the world and slide 14 shows two of those components at a facility in South Korea.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

Parts continue to arrive at the Port of Charleston before being transported to the site. We have made extensive progress on the turbine island for Unit 2, the first new unit, as you can see on slide number 15. You can also see a portion of the heavy lift derrick, which is the blue arm across the top of the picture. The derrick is located between the excavation sites for the two new units. This will allow it to be used to lift assembled modules and other heavy components and place them in the excavation site for either unit.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

The circulating water pipe is in place, as shown in the center of the page. The slide also shows the containment vessel load bowl. Chicago Bridge & Iron has completed welding of the lower bowl, and is now welding the first ring section for that container vessel, which is shown on slide number 16.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

Slide 17 shows 230,000 volt transmission lines being connected to the switchyard, which is nearing completion. The construction is on schedule to allow the switchyard to be energized in the first half of 2013. This will allow us to backfeed the project with power from the grid.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

The final hearing for siting of transmission lines related to the new nuclear project will be held on August 22nd. We were fortunate to be able to use existing right of way for the vast majority of the transmission lines from the new units.

Please turn now to slide 18, which shows the nuclear island for Unit 2. Over the last few months we have poured dental and leveling concrete using our on-site concrete batch plants. This process has gone well, even while encountering record high temperatures. We had anticipated the challenge of hot temperatures and were able to shift the schedules to allow the pours to be done in the evening, when temperatures are not as extreme.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

We've also begun installation of the waterproof membrane. After that is complete, more high-strength concrete called mud mat is poured prior to installing the nuclear island rebar cage. As of yesterday, we installed the waterproof membrane and mud mat for about 75% of the nuclear island and placed about 40% of the rebar cage.

I know many of you have been interested in our rebar cage. I will let you know that we are constructing our rebar cage to conform to the applicable concrete code and design certification document requirements and do not anticipate any additional delays due to the rebar cage.

Once the rebar cage is fully in place, we'll pour the 6-foot-thick nuclear island basemat and then set module CR-10 on the basemat. The CR-10 module is currently being fabricated on site, so it will be ready when needed. CR-10 is a steel frame support used to hold the lower bowl above the basemat until the foundation concrete is completed. We anticipate setting the lower containment bowl later this year.

In summary, the construction is progressing well and on track to achieve the amended completion dates.

Please turn now to slide 19. As you may remember, in May we filed an application with the South Carolina Public Service Commission seeking to update our budget and schedule. The new schedule sets the substantial completion dates for the units at March of 2017 and May of 2018. The updated costs total $283 million and were primarily the result of delays in receipt of our license; an agreement with Shaw and Westinghouse related to challenge costs for the construction of our new nuclear units; and additional owners' costs or non-EPC costs, for which we are responsible, such as staffing, information technology, and facilities.

VC Summer New Nuclear Plants - Units 2 and 3 Source: SCANA

SOURCE: SCANA Corporation


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