Site of Abandoned Marble Hill Nuclear Plant Up For Sale

The site of the most expensive civilian nuclear project to be abandoned in the U.S. is up for sale in Indiana.

Demolition at Marble Hill. Source: Hillco Real EstateThe Public Service Company of Indiana, now part of Duke Energy, halted construction on the plant's two Westinghouse reactors in 1984 after having spent more than $2.5 billion. News reports from the time placed the units at 55 percent and 35 percent complete before its components were sold off. Over the years, the plant's containment buildings and other structures have been demolished.

Hilco Real Estate announced Friday that it would accept bids for the site through Nov. 8 and aimed to close a sale by the end of the year. The property consists of 660 acres in Jefferson County, Ind. It includes a 3 million gallon retention pond, 2,500 feet of Ohio River frontage and a pump house equipped to draw up to 8 million gallons per day. The company said the site can be delivered as-is or with its remaining structures razed.

According to a Hilco release, Marble Hill got its name from the limestone beneath it, which reminded area settlers of Italian white marble.

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