Its Temelin Reactor Bid Rejected, Areva Considers Legal Action

After being dropped from contention to build two new reactors in the Czech Republic, Areva has said it will appeal to the Czech government and the European Union.

Competing with Westinghouse and an Atomstroyexport-led consortium, Areva had bid to build two European Pressurized Reactors at CEZ's Temelin nuclear plant. Citing only requirements of a "commercial and legal nature" CEZ disqualified Areva's bid. The French company filed an appeal under the bidding rules, which CEZ denied on Monday.

The Czech News Agency reported Wednesday that CEZ has said it will move forward with the bidding process. Meanwhile, Areva announced it would appeal to the Czech Office for the Protection of Economic Competition and that the firm would "take all legal actions available under Czech and European Union laws" to reenter the bid process.

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