FitzPatrick, Palisades Nuclear Plants Shut Down Sunday

One Entergy reactor tripped and another was shut down to investigate a steam leak Sunday.

FitzPatrick nuclear plant. Source: NRCAt Entergy's FitzPatrick plant in Scriba, N.Y., the 852 megawatt GE type 4 boiling water reactor shut down automatically from full power after a main turbine trip at about 10 p.m. The shutdown was uncomplicated, plant personnel reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in an event report. Plant workers were investigating the cause of the trip.

Earlier Sunday, operators at Entergy's Palisades plant in Michigan shut down its 778 megawatt Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactor to fix a small steam leak. According to an NRC event report, the leak was found in an atmospheric steam dump valve on the secondary side of a steam generator. Workers could not evaluate its condition further with the steam generator pressurized, and they powered down the reactor to fix the problem and to comply with federal regulations.

A Palisades spokesman told the Holland Sentinel that repair work began Monday.

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