Veterans Make up 40 Percent of Vogtle Reactor Construction Workforce

As the number of workers building two new units at the Vogtle nuclear plant in Georgia has grown to 2,300, Southern Co. noted Thursday that 40 percent of them have served in the U.S. armed services.

"Veterans continue to be strong candidates for jobs on the Vogtle 3 and 4 project, as the cultures of the military and the utility industry are very similar in their attention to detail and safety," Southern nuclear development Vice President Joseph Miller said in a release. "We work with Veterans Affairs, local bases and state employment offices in Georgia to reach out to veterans."

Veterans make up about 10 percent of the broader workforce at Georgia Power. Its parent company, Southern Co., will operate the new AP 1000 reactors at Vogtle, and it owns 45.7 percent of the project.

The company actively seeks out former service members to work on the project through military base recruitment, veteran career fairs and the utility industry's Troops to Energy Jobs program. Southern said more veterans will likely be employed by Vogtle construction in the future as the total number of people working on the project peaks at about 5,000.

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