Plant Vogtle Training 100-Plus AP1000 Reactor Operators

Class is in session for a new workforce of plant operators who will run two AP1000 reactors under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia.

AP1000 reactor control room simulator. Source: Southern Co.More than 100 reactor operators will be trained over the next year and a half, and the project schedule calls for training enough operators to run both reactors before fuel loading at unit 3.

"Because of Georgia Power's solid commitment to building and operating a safe and reliable electric generating facility, the groundwork for the extensive and rigorous training programs for the next generation of nuclear plant operators has been in progress for years," Southern Co. nuclear development Vice President Joseph Miller said in a release.

On Monday, Southern detailed the ongoing training program that uses two control room simulators for the generation III+ Westinghouse reactor. Both will be in operation 16 hours a day as four classes of about 25 students each work their way through the program. Each simulator includes 16 wide-panel displays in front of numerous stations where future operators, shift supervisors and technical advisers can run through training scenarios.

Scheduled to come online in 2016, Vogtle unit 3 will be the first AP1000 in operation in the United States, with Vogtle unit 4 expected to come online a year later.

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  • Anonymous

    Initial License Training for 100 control room operators!   A considerable work load for their instructors!  Congratulations to the licensee!