Clinton Makes Case for Westinghouse Reactors in Czech Republic

During a visit to the Czech Republic Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a forceful case for Westinghouse to build two new reactors proposed at the Temelin nuclear plant.

The Toshiba-owned firm based in Pennsylvania is bidding against a consortium led by Russia's Atomstroyexport for the project, estimated at $10 billion. Following a meeting with the Czech foreign minister, Clinton emphasized that a Westinghouse build could help reduce the country's dependence on Russian energy, Radio Prague reported. Russia provides about 75 percent of Czech gas and much of its oil.

"As I conveyed to the minister, the Obama administration strongly supports Westinghouse’s bid to help expand the Temelin nuclear power plant. Given how long-term and strategic this investment is, the Czech people deserve the best value, the most tested and trustworthy technology, an outstanding safety record, responsible and accountable management, and job opportunities for Czech companies and workers. Westinghouse offers all of these things," Clinton said, according to a State Department transcript.
Czech utility CEZ is expected to select the winning bid next year. The tender process has been unpredictable to date, with CEZ disqualifying the third potential builder, Areva, last month saying it did not meet bid qualifications.

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