Holtec Develops Air-Cooled Condenser for Its Small Modular Reactor

Holtec has announced an air-cooled condenser technology will be available in its small modular reactor, reducing the water demands of potential plant sites.

Holtec SMR buildings with air-cooled condenser equipment. Source: HoltecIn a release Friday, the company announced it is patenting a novel process to bond aluminum fins to stainless steel tubes that are durable enough for long-term use in nuclear plants. Where earlier systems were limited by the short design life of their carbon steel piping, the new technology allowed the development of durable Hi-Max air-cooled condenser tubes made from stainless.

Holtec said the technology offers an alternative to the traditional condensers that contribute to the voluminous water needs of most thermal power plants. The company also offers a hybrid water/air-cooled system for sites with water issues. Holtec plans to incorporate the air-cooled condenser as an option for its SMR-160 small modular reactor. The brochure is attached below.

Holtec Air Cooled Condenser Brochure.pdf

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